4th November 2011

Prelude to Saivo

Here is a video we made for Saivon kimallus and Siniset runot from Saivo album.

21 Responses to “Prelude to Saivo”

  1. Wow !!!

  2. It is perfect! thanks to Polish

  3. awsome.

  4. OMG! Thank you!

  5. What a prelude!

  6. I been waiting for some more teaser.. and this exceeded all the expectations! Thank you amazing work!

    …no waiting for the album. :)

  7. Great video!

  8. Uskomaton video. Kuitenkin tulee aika paljon nähtyä musiikkivideoita, mutta tämä silti on visuaalisesti jotenkin käsittämättömän hieno ja poikkeava, ja tukee musiikkia täydellisesti. Kiitos teille.

  9. Syvä ja ihmeellinen. Levyä odotellessa!

  10. thank you for uploading this to youtube :)

  11. holly crap…. this is probably the best thing this year has to offer…
    thank you tenhi for the fantastic music

  12. Pure pleasure!Can’t wait!

  13. . . . t e n h i . . .
    my inner world t e n h i

  14. Wow! Mahtava! I live in Finland since a couple of years ago and never heard of you guys before. But I’m impressed; really good music and aweseme videoclip. I hope you go on tour soon. Kiitos!

  15. Great video.
    i love you band tenhi :X

  16. Certainly, this best that I saw. Thanks guys! I wait an album :):)

  17. ethereal and majestic. sublime and powerful. mesmerizing images complement the beautiful sounds perfectly, worth four years of waiting.

  18. Awesome!!!!

  19. a pure catharsis
    you’re taking my soul out of me
    i know here in russia i don’t have a chance to see you playing live, but i can dream anyway)
    thank you for everything you have done

  20. This was fantastic! I’ve been waiting for this new album for too long! Hope you guys go on tour soon and hope you can make it to Barcelona ;)

  21. Nice. Toivottavasti tämäkin tulee ladattavaksi Kausienrannan tapaan.

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