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29th December 2004

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all our fans and accomplices for supporting UTUstudio, and happy New Year! 2005 promises to be a busy year rich in releases:

  • A new full-length Tenhi album (on Prophecy productions) and
  • ‘Miscarriages’ miniCD re-release from Mother Depth (on UTUstudio) early in the year; with
  • a full-length album from Mother Depth and
  • a full-length album from Harmaa, both released through UTUstudio, following later in the year.

The UTUstudio crew is vacationing this week, so currently pending orders will ship next week.

14th December 2004

The Harmaa albums have arrived…

…and the first batch of orders were shipped out yesterday. We are very pleased with the appearance of the result, if not the slight schedule slippage at the manufacturing end. Thanks to everyone for supporting our first UTUstudio release; we hope you enjoy it as well,

— The UTUstudio crew

6th December 2004

The UTUstudio store is now open

Terve taas.

The UTUstudio store is now open. Order your copy of HARMAA – AIRUT:AAMUJEN today!

3rd December 2004

Upcoming releases


We have been busy setting up all the things related to our first release and the web-pages. The UTUstudio netstore finally opens for orders of Harmaa Airut:aamujen on December 6th.

The Mother Depth ‘Miscarriages’ miniCD re-release is planned for January. Both Mother Depth and Harmaa will be recording full-length albums starting spring 2005.

We’ll be coming up with some fancy UTUstudio apparel later.

23rd October 2004

The Airut saga continues with a new full length album!

airut:aamujen cover artThe Airut saga that began with Tenhi’s AIRUT:CIWI now stands on its own under the title HARMAA. The Harmaa band is based around the visions of Tyko Saarikko and Ilmari Issakainen.

The second part of Airut saga — AIRUT:AAMUJEN — will be released thru UTUstudio in December. All of its 9 tracks are piano driven compositions varying from romantic atmospheres to darker shades of nature.

Ordering thru UTUstudio net site

22nd October 2004

UTUstudio launched

In order to create high quality music with no artistic restrictions a new label/collective UTUstudio was formed by people involved in TENHI and MOTHER DEPTH.

UTUSTUDIO is mainly founded to release the AIRUT:SAGA from the band HARMAA. In future it also possible that thru UTUstudio various forms of art (such as poetry) will be released.

The first music release will a full length album AIRUT:AAMUJEN by HARMAA.

14th October 2004

Tenhi news October 2004

The next Tenhi album is due to be released through Prophecy productions in March–April 2005. The tentative track listing is:

  1. kuoppa
  2. kausien ranta
  3. varpuspäivä
  4. vähäinen violetissa
  5. salain
  6. aatos
  7. tuulenkaato
  8. viimeiseen
  9. maa syttyy
  10. sataa
  11. rannalta haettu

The first song to appear in the ‘unreleased music‘ section on the site, ‘sarahdus’, is available again.

14th August 2004

Tenhi news August 2004

Rehearsals at UTUstudio, 2004Tenhi has almost finished the recordings for the upcoming full-length album which ought to be released in February–March 2005. It promises to be an intense and strong album which will take the Tenhi saga into even further spheres. The album is once again recorded at UTUstudio and will be released by Prophecy. Tenhi has also extended the original three longplay album record deal with one additional longplay album.

14th March 2004

Tenhi news March 2004

Unfortunately the live shows planned for spring/early summer are put off to later period. Tenhi will concentrate on recording the new full-length to get the album out as soon as possible, hopefully at the end this year or early 2005.

14th February 2004

Tenhi news February 2004

Tenhi may appear live in a few places in Germany around 4–6.6.2004, and Turku, Finland later that month. More info on that later…

Further recording sessions for the new full-length album will begin in early May. Some working titles for the songs are ‘rannalta haettu kivi’, ‘uuvu oravan luu’, ‘kuoppa’, ‘varpuspäivä’ and ‘vähäinen violetissa’.

14th January 2004

Tenhi news January 2004

Kauan‘ re-release is out now from Prophecy Productions. Beautiful and rough digipack with two bonus songs from the same Kauan -recording sessions: ‘Kielo’ (drum/violin version) and ‘niin hiljaa auer vie’. Get your hands on this!