31st October 2011

“Saivo” CD and “The Collected Works” 10 LP wooden box now available for pre-order

The long-awaited new Tenhi album “Saivo” is due out on November 25 and can now be pre-ordered in three different versions:

“Saivo” CD: The budget edition of Tenhi’s sixth album in jewel case format. Prophecy online shop price: 9.99 Euro incl. worldwide shipping.

“Saivo” Digipak CD: Limited portrait format Digipak incl. enhanced 32 page booklet. Prophecy online shop price: 14.99 Euro incl. worldwide shipping.

“Saivo” Artbook CD+DVD: Hardcover artbook, limited to 1.000 copies, in broadsheet format (size 28×28 cm), 60 pages + bonus DVD incl. “Saivo” in extremly high audio quality (96 khz/ 24bit). Prophecy online shop price: 29.99 Euro incl. worldwide shipping.

In tandem with “Saivo”, November 25 will also see the release of an opulent wooden box including Tenhi’s collected works on vinyl. The 33x33x7 cm sized box is limited to 500 copies only. It is made of heavy birch wood and the top comes ornated with a branded Tenhi logo and “The Collected works”. Apart from all Tenhi releases in their vinyl version (see below) the box also features a 160(!)-page and approx. 21×15 cm sized book including selected full-color and black/white graphics of all Tenhi album artworks as well as all lyrics and liner notes. Also included are posters of all Tenhi cover artworks and a numbered and handsigned authentication certificate.

Included vinyl:
– Kauan (LP)
– Väre (LP)
– Maaäet (2LP)
– Airut:Aamujen (LP)
– Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006 (3LP)
– Saivo (2LP)

Pre-order now: Tenhi “The Collected Works” 10 LP box

19 Responses to ““Saivo” CD and “The Collected Works” 10 LP wooden box now available for pre-order”

  1. I couldn’t have wished for more! Ordered already!!

  2. How beautiful! I can’t wait for this to arrive.

  3. Haaa at last! It sounds (already) wonderful. Now, waiting impatiently for the postman to deliver it! Thanks,

  4. ORDERED !!!

    “Saivo” Artbook CD+DVD


    “The Collected Works” 10 LP Wooden Box

  5. damnit i hope I can make 30 bucks by then

  6. Saivo Artbook + The Collected Works ordered. Expensive but much more desired.

    Autumn will be beautiful this year…

    Did you know that November in Polish is called “listopad” which means “falling leaves”? I think it’s a perfect description of Tenhi music and a perfect month for release of the new album…

  7. I can’t believe the prior album LP’s are not being released individually! I’ve been waiting for years to collect one or two. I can’t afford the large box set! Bravo on the beautiful releases! I know this was a lot of hard work. But I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed. I really wanted to make an LP purchase. But the box set is far too expensive! What a shame.

  8. No niin…

    Ei yhtään vaikeampaa maksutapaa keksitty suomalaiselle jolla ei ole paypal tiliä. Olisiko mahdollista jotenkin toisella tapaa ostaa levy ?

  9. Vinyl box set ordered! Paypal is easy, even for finns, you can skip all the registrations and just insert your credit card number there. 150 € is not that much for a collection like this, it’s value is so much greater. Thank you!

  10. Uuh. Jotain loistavaa tulossa syksyn iltoihin. Kiinnostaisi myös jonkin muunlainen tapa tilata kuin Paypal, jota en koskaan ole käyttänyt. Mitään toivoa?

  11. This looks amazing! When I guet some money I shure will buyt!
    Greetings and good luck from brazil.

  12. For you none credit card owners and Paypal haters.

    Levykauppax to the rescue.

  13. Why is the release date in the shop 02.12.2011?

  14. I’m agree with Adam. I haven’t got enough money to buy it, it’s too expensive for me. Will you do it all on vinyl ?

  15. I live in costa rica. great fan by the way.. how can i get one of those 500 copies from here?? i really want one..i have already all previews albums but this is special..

  16. “The Collected Works” 9 LP (NOT 10 LP) Wooden Box !!!

    Included Vinyl:
    – Kauan (1LP)
    – Väre (1LP)
    – Maaäet (1LP)
    – Airut:Aamujen (1LP)
    – Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006 (3LP)
    – Saivo (2LP)

  17. […] no dia 25 de Novembro os finlandeses Tenhi – mestres no minimalismo atmosférico – lançaram o muito esperado “Saivo”, o seu sexto álbum de estúdio. o disco pode ser comprado em três formatos diferentes: a edição normal em CD; a edição limitada do CD em digipack, com um booklet mais extenso; e ainda a edição limitada CD+DVD, em capa dura (estilo livro). além disso a banda editou uma colecção numa caixa de madeira que junta os seis LP’s da banda, numa edição limitada para coleccionadores. todos os detalhes podem ser vistos no espaço oficial da banda. […]

  18. It was Christmas day yesterday. My girlfriend handed be a big square present. I tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a magnificent wooden box, labelled with the word ‘Tenhi’.

    It is stunning. I couldn’t have asked for more. I am the lucky owner of number 391.

    Saivo surpasses all expectations.

  19. The box set is beautiful and couldn’t have asked for more with Saivo. Really enjoying the artwork!

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