4th November 2011

Prelude to Saivo

Here is a video we made for Saivon kimallus and Siniset runot from Saivo album.

23rd October 2009

Saivo teaser

Here is a little teaser we made for you.

29th December 2007

Have a great new year!

All the best for the coming year on behalf of Tenhi.
Here is one video from our small tour in Germany. It is a live acoustic guitar version of ‘luopumisen laulu’ from airut:aamujen. Thanks Hilmar for shooting it.
We also did new lay-out for out site including the ‘folk aesthetic’ graphics. Hope you will like it. More news about the new album entitled ‘Saivo’ and new utustudio merchandize (wall-flags etc.) in the first weeks in 2008.

28th July 2007

Kausienranta / Folk Aesthetic video

Update: Hi-res version now available:


Here is a teaser video of the song kausienranta from the “folk aesthetic” album, featuring the album’s artwork. Hi-res version available soon. Enjoy.