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9th October 2010

Autumnal Air

Hello there,

It seems that every album from Tenhi has taken a lot of time and love to be completed – Saivo is no exception for sure.

I will try to open a bit where we are at the moment so that you can get a grasp of the current issues we are dealing with.

First of all it seems that we have done now the string arrangements that we planned for this album. Personally I am pleased about the results – tones and textures are earthy and dynamic. The last parts for the songs were played with contrabass which is a new addition to our soundscape. The strings will accompany guitars really nicely on this record…

Now we are entering the mastering phase. The final touches and tweaking is done to get the record out. Knowing us this can take a while though!

A big question is that will Saivo be double album…?

Anyways it will be a good one…

19th September 2010

Tenhi: Back catalogue re-issues due out end of October

On October 29, the Tenhi albums “Kauan” (1999), “Väre” (2002), “Maaäet” (2006), “Airut:Aamujen” (2006), as well as the 3-CD compilation “Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006” (2007) will be re-issued in noble, portrait format digibooks with massively extended booklets in a limited edition of 1.500 copies each. The limited Tenhi collector’s box “The Collected Works 1997-2007” (lim. 500) containing all five digibooks plus a Tenhi logo patch will be released at the same date. All products are available for pre-order in Prophecy’s online shop now:

Tenhi: Kauan (Digibook CD) (lim. 1.500, 64 page booklet)
Tenhi: Väre (Digibook CD) (lim. 1.500, 64 page booklet)
Tenhi: Maaäet (Digibook CD) (lim. 1.500, 72 page booklet)
Tenhi: Airut:Aamujen (Digibook CD) (lim. 1.500, 48 page booklet)
Tenhi: Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006 (Digibook 3CD) (lim. 1.500, 72 page booklet)
Tenhi: The Collected Works 1997-2007 (Boxset) (lim. 500, incl. patch)

2nd July 2010

“Saivo” and back catalogue re-releases

Sorry for the sparse updates about ‘Saivo’. We hoped to get the album out this summer and didn’t want to disappoint you before all hope was gone. Despite the hopefully final delays, the album is well underway and the final parts are being recorded within couple of weeks, namely choirs and cello parts. We plan to finish our works on the album by the end of August eventually. ‘Saivo’ has taken its time and we didn’t want to rush it. Almost every of the songs has gone through a huge variety of alternative arrangements until we felt that we had achieved best result.

Another excellent news is that Prophecy Prophecy productions will rerelease all our previous full-length albums: ‘Kauan’, ‘Väre’, ‘Airut:aamujen’ and ‘Maaäet’ with special and significantly enhanced booklets and artwork. Stay tuned for more information about these re-issues!

1st January 2010

Great New Year for All!


A sincere thanks to everyone for comments and patience…
It is truly nice to see that our music is echoing all around the world!

So have a nice one!