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31st December 2018

Hello Dear Fans.

Another year rolls by faster than anticipated. A lot has happened for the band and we have been working slowly but steadily towards our next release.

One of the biggest and time-consuming events has been moving our headquarters/studio to a new location. It took a long while to find a suitable space for our needs but we finally managed to get a perfect place, which also hopefully speeds things up in the future.

Along the year we also acquired some interesting instruments and equipment, which will leave their mark on the coming sonic landscapes. Especially the vintage analog reverb and delay units have stolen our hearts. Particularly the legendary bigger than piano-sized plate reverb Emt 140 and the “mother of all spring reverbs” Akg bx20 really shine.

The song selection for the next release has been more or less the same during last few last years – but we have reworked some things and now we are content with the material. Our goal is to be ready with the music in 2019. A lot of the art work needs to done so no proper schedule for the actual release can be given at the moment.

Have a nice one.

Cheers from all the members of Tenhi.