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21st April 2012

Contract with Prophecy Productions extended

From Prophecy newsletter:

With pleasure we announce that Tenhi, one of the first and most productive Prophecy bands, extended their contract with Prophecy for two further albums. Since the “Hallavedet” single CD (1998), Tenhi released five studio albums and the anniversary compilation “Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006” via Prophecy. The cooperation has so far been topped off by the comprehensive vinyl box set “The Collected Works”, which was released in December 2011 and comprises Tenhi’s complete body of work.

Tyko Saarikko (Tenhi) on the contract extension: “We are happy and proud that we will continue on the path we started with Prophecy Productions fifteen years ago. The accomplished albums have been based on our artistic freedom and Prophecy’s patience to let us choose our own pace of creating music. We feel confident that by extending the collaboration with Prophecy our expression has the opportunity to refine and even grow into new lengths.”

17th February 2012

Some Good Ink

Here’s some fine numbers – Thank you all!

NRGM 95/100

Imperiumi 9,5/10

Miasma 9,5/10

Helsingin Sanomat 4/5

Soundi 4/5

Orkus 10/10

Infernal Masquerade 96/100 10/10

Kogainon 0.99/1

Metal.™ 10/10

Metalreview 9,5/10

Reflections of darkness 10/10

Moltenmetalreviews 9/10

Metal1Info 9/10

Rottinghill 10/10