29th December 2007

Have a great new year!

All the best for the coming year on behalf of Tenhi.
Here is one video from our small tour in Germany. It is a live acoustic guitar version of ‘luopumisen laulu’ from airut:aamujen. Thanks Hilmar for shooting it.
We also did new lay-out for out site including the ‘folk aesthetic’ graphics. Hope you will like it. More news about the new album entitled ‘Saivo’ and new utustudio merchandize (wall-flags etc.) in the first weeks in 2008.

14 Responses to “Have a great new year!”

  1. Great, hope one day you’ll release a live dvd with goodies and stuff, btw Ilkka left the band?

  2. Thank you very much for this great video,
    I was on this concert in Berlin and i must say:
    “IT WAS GREAT” !!!


  3. OMG!
    these are the best last news of the year!

    2 emotions to reveal are
    1 i’m very happy because i did get my copy of “Folk Aesthetic”

    2 i’m kinda sad because tenhi doesn’t seem to plan a south american tour )=

    i might never see you live

    but oh well, thank god internet exists

    Quoting ‘Kassi’
    We love you

  4. by the way, the new lay-out looks great =)

  5. Luopumisen Laulu sounds different with male vocals instead of Janina’s but still nice! Looking forward to Saivo now :D

  6. Awesome video! Glad to hear you guys are working on new material.

  7. Who is who in the video, I mean the bald is Tykko?

  8. From left to right: Jaakko, Ilmari, Tyko, Tuukka, Paula.

  9. Thanx btw Tyko how come Aatos version from Vare session was not included in Folk Aesthetic?

  10. “Kuolleesi Jokeen” has a soul “tyko&ilkka”
    will he come back?
    best regards

  11. C’mon everybody wants to know if Ilkka is still part of Tenhi project :)

  12. Thank you very much for your great music

  13. Hello,
    Apologies for this veil of mystery that surrounds me.
    For the time being I’m having a “vacation” from music and I think Tenhi is doing fine in Ilmari’s and Tyko’s care. When it comes to my contribution on future recordings – all I can say is time will tell. Nice wintertime for everyone and take care!

  14. Too bad Ilkka, hope you’ll come back as your part is Tenhi is really appreciated by us fans, our support will be for ever whether you’ll come back or not

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