12th September 2007


zwischenwelten by Senad Palic

So the small tour is over. Thanks for everyone who showed up for the shows. We were extremely happy to see so much fans and people interested in our music. We also would like to thank Neun Welten for taking good care of us and being great band to tour with.

Only one conclusion can be made after these shows and the feedback we got… we certainly will do loads of more shows in the future. We hadn’t tried this acoustic line-up before but it really worked great.

We will upload some photos of the events soon. Fans are free to send us some photos so we can share the atmosphere of the shows to others as well. Here are some pre-taste of the Zwischenwelten festival shooted by Senad Palic.

Zwischenwelten festival photos by Senad Palic.

8 Responses to “Kiitoksia.”

  1. …we had the pleasure to tour with you! It was great, amazing, impressing…kiitos for all…

  2. Must have been an amazing tour!! Glad it turned out so well for you guys. Wish I would of had the money to make it over there…

  3. I´ve been seeing you in the Loop club in Nürnberg. It was a shame to choose such a club for a great band like Tenhi. You did the best to fight against the noise of the club in the background. And i also wished that more people would have come to see you great perfomance. Next time you can take you piano with you and some more instruments!

  4. I was in Berlin, Maschinenhaus it was great!!!
    Come to Poland next time !

  5. Oh, please, come to Canada sometimes too. And thank you for your great job. You are the best!

  6. i certainly look forward to seeing (and hearing) some of your live ventures. hopefully i will be able to catch one of your performances in the future.

    it might be an interesting idea to put some live video excerpts on the internet, seeing this kind of technology is very accessible nowadays.

  7. …still waiting for some shows in finland….

  8. Onko Suomen keikoista mitään tietoa? Vaikka suomalaiset olisivatkin passiivisia kommentoimaan levyjä ja uutisia, niin se ei tarkoita etteikö kysyntää olisi keikoille!

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