4th June 2007

Tenhi ‘Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006’ to be released 06.08.2007

Prophecy just confirmed the release date.

12 Responses to “Tenhi ‘Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006’ to be released 06.08.2007”

  1. Will “Kaski” be sold separately as well?

  2. Great news, the tracklisting is VERY interesting.

  3. Can’t wait for August. What a great graduation and birthday present this will be!

  4. Hi.

    At the moment there are no plans of releasing ‘kaski’ separately.

  5. great timing. and i can’t wait to see you live. i’ll be flying to Germany to live the experience.


  6. Any chance of Aatos from the Vare sessions being included on this?

  7. The ‘Aatos’ from väre is almost exactly the same version than on maaäet. It only has slightly different sound of course, that is why it is not included.

    We might still put it online for download or on the coming 20th year celebration release, patience.

  8. esperando oportunidades para obtener el pack…

    will you ever come to south america )= ??

  9. Any change to see “Tenhi ‘Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006”
    in vynil (33T) ?

  10. It seems that in my version of Folk Aesthetic some CD 2 song titles in the backcover are wrong. As i ripped the cd to mp3’s it also puts them the wrong titles. In the booklet the titles are right.

    Here is the songlist from firebox netstore: http://www.firebox.fi/?page=tuote&pid=9721

    and this is the one in my backcover (the same song list is in Tenhis official site too):

    I bought this copy from the Firebox. I hope this only some small faulty print… Last time the whole booklet, now only a backcover! Its an improvement :).

  11. Hejja.

    Blame me. This time it was us due to numerous alternative track lists we came up with. After checking everything ten times this is the result. Maybe even we aren’t perfect.
    Well this makes the special release even more special, right?

    I just wish to see the album myself too.


  12. against past,unfortunately,there isn’t “the great soul” in your new album.

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