4th May 2007

Tenhi ‘Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006’ – compilation


Good news for anyone who has been craving for rare and unreleased material from us.

We just finished mastering the music and completing the cover artwork of the 10th year celebration compilation album called Tenhi ‘Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006’. It includes over three hours of rare and unreleased material from the years 1996-2006. The release date is not sure yet but it will be released during this summer/autumn. The idea is to make a “book-like“ format with some info about each song, lyrics and translations and more. I also drew the artwork specially for it. More news posted soon about the release date.

The final track listing is:

CD 1

Kertomuksia (demo 1997)
näkin laulu
havuisissa saleissa

Hallavedet (mcd 1998)
hiljaiseksi lampi jää

Airut:ciwi (mcd 2000)

CD 2

kausienranta (unreleased)
suortuva (alternative version)
etäisyyksien taa (from promo 1997)
linnuit (unreleased)
tuulenkaato (alternative version)
sydänvalkea (unreleased)
kuoppa (demo version)
korvenraivaajat (jäljen demo version)
kielo (bonus song from Kauan album 1999)
niin auer hiljaa vie (bonus song from Kauan album 1999)

CD 3
Unreleased album entity called ‘Kaski’. (Swidden).

luo varjo
koiranlainen peura
suruiksi soi
tuuli varista

18 Responses to “Tenhi ‘Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006’ – compilation”

  1. Petkeleen hienoa! Syvä kumarrus oikean taiteen tekijöille, mielenrauhan airueille! Johan onkin vuoteltu kynnenaluset mullassa uusia teoksia sitten täydellisen Maaäetin.

  2. sounds like the bestest thing ever.

  3. Great News !!!

  4. Yay!!!

  5. awesome, just can’t wait. i hope i can get it in poland. cheers!

  6. Alkoi jo odotus tympimään, mutta näköjään kannatti ja kannattaa vielä odottaa.

  7. Terrific news! I’ve been highly anticipating this since it was mentioned last year. But I’m upset…why isn’t the version of Aatos recorded during the Vare sessions included on this compilation???

  8. Mielestäni sen Aatoksen alkuperäisversion olisi voinut sinne jatkeeksi vielä lykätä noin niin kuin täydellisyyden vuoksi, mutta hyvä näinkin.

  9. Hope, this one will be released very, very, very soon. Tenhi junkies cannot wait for it! Please let us know about the release date as soon as possible.

  10. Waiting for it! :)

  11. Wonderful news! Put me down for this!

  12. Amazing! CD 3 sounds especially interesting.

  13. i’ll sel my arms to get a copy!!

  14. Forgot to ask, was Kaski written and recorded after Kauan? Suruiksi soi and Sarahdus sounded a lot like material from that era.

  15. Kaski is written 1996-2006. All the songs are from different era, but when we started to go thru old material they seemed to form an entity which we then decided to call Kaski. We also did new arrangements, vocals, lyrics etc. to strengthen that bond.

  16. From Patagonia, Argentina!
    Guys, you rule!!!
    I have all your cd´s and can´t wait for this next one!
    Your art is really very special. Thanks!
    There´s some people who love you down here!

  17. Pre-ordered 2 copies >:D

  18. in my idea “tuuli varista” is very very unique on 3cd.
    in beginning it was very horrific dark but at last
    “your kind guitar” led it toward the “light”.i love it.
    also “luo varjo” owerflowing emotions…

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