8th March 2023

‘Valkama’ teaser

14 Responses to “‘Valkama’ teaser”

  1. I waited so long for you to show up with new work. Your amazing art kept me sane through many years, thanks to you I could feel warmth in my soul when all around me was cold. My heart is full with joy right now. Thank you Tenhi for being here.

  2. I was checking this web site every month for all these 12 years, I’m so happy!

  3. Great news. You make the most beautiful music. Hope you are doing good!

  4. Excellent news! Highly anticipated new album.

  5. It’s just amazing! Finally we waited! All this time, hope has not faded! Thank you very much. I’m happy!

  6. ‘A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to’

  7. Finally, excellent news and what a beautiful teaser! Kiitos! 😊

  8. This finally brings some welcomed warm rays of light into those tired days! Come forth Tenhi and we are waiting with baited breath. To Valkama!

  9. Finally !! really excited !

  10. Welcome Back!

  11. Long waiting is over, thank you. New song Saattue is astonishing.

  12. At last! I’m looking forward to many, many plays of your new material. Thanks so much for this wonderful news. The lyric video/teaser is beautiful!

  13. This is incredible news.

  14. Kiitos. Vihdoin. Love you guys. Thank you. Hope the next one wont be over a fucking decade.

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