20th February 2006

HARMAA signed to Prophecy productions

verhoHARMAA has signed to Prophecy Productions. Harmaa has released the second chapter of the Airut saga ‘AIRUT:AAMUJEN a year ago thru UTUstudio. Prophecy will now re-release it and distribute it worldwide apart from Finland (UTUstudio) and Russia and Baltic States (Irond).

The recordings for the next HARMAA album will start this spring.

13 Responses to “HARMAA signed to Prophecy productions”

  1. Sounds good!

  2. Congratulations…They have taste!…

  3. this is grand newz. i loved HARMAA’s debut and will eagerly await the followups release.

    no rush tho, Maaet is going to last me a very long time. its fucking brilliant!!!

  4. I received the corrected Tenhi booklet today. I can see now what you were saying Tyko. The printers really messed up the copy with the album. Beautiful artwork!

  5. Did you got any confirmation for you email, that they received it? I sent an email, but there was no asnwer or anything.

  6. hopefully we get to see the right booklet too!
    anyway, patience is a royal virtue…

  7. No, I didn’t get any confirmation.

  8. I received the booklet the other day. It is fantastic! I didn’t get any confirmation either, it just showed up….

  9. Is it there yet Ilmari???? ;)

  10. of course we have not received them yet. I guess that some guy is at the moment walking from german with 15 copies in his hand…any day now…

  11. I guess Finland is so far away from from Germany, if comparing to USA etc. I haven’t receive it either and the funny thing is, that last week I contacted Peaceville Records because of bad a pressing on new the Darkthrone LP and got a replacement copy from them yesterday.

    I just hate the situation, where normal customers gets their stuff before the artists.

  12. I agree, the artists should be first priority. Hopefully it will be there soon for you guys.

  13. Hello…
    Can someone explain me the difference between Tenhi’s release AIRUT:AAMUJEN and another one with the same name from Harmaa?

    And were any one of them published in Russia?

    Anyway, thanks for you work… the music is amazing…

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