10th February 2016

Towards light and a few Resolutions


Hello Dear Fans,

Year has changed again – but it seems that we are still the same.
Tenhi Core team Tyko, Tuukka and I taking small trips to audio wonderland
trying to figure out the elusive art of making records.

Music goes the same old lane for us.
Slow evolution and then degeneration and then distraction etc.
Lots of experimentation has certainly occurred.
And lots of songs too. Some of them good – some of them need a little work.
We are committed to bring you the best – the VERY BEST. THE ….ok

One thing is for certain ( our new year’s resolution) no more festival live shows…
Next live show will be a concert of our own making. But we will finish the forth coming album before this.

Love for Music is still there.

Best, Ilmari

12 Responses to “Towards light and a few Resolutions”

  1. We’re filled with patience and anticipation :)
    We have no doubts you will bring us the best – the VERY BEST. THE… ok. :)

    May good luck and inspiration be with all of you.

  2. I loved your show and I feel sorry for all the problems you had on stage due to bad sound management. Though I still enjoy your performance. I love your music, look forward to a new fantastic masterpiece and a perfect live show in near future! Keep up your awesome and breath taking art my friends!

  3. Greetings from Portugal!

    I don’t want to miss that show! That is a wise decision, Tenhi music needs a dedicated space, time and ambiance.

    And about the album, take your time, we are used to it, know why it takes time, and appreciate your creative process, so keep doing your thing. :)

    Have a good 2016 Tenhi!

  4. Thanks for sharing the news! Super excited to hear a new album, previous one is still my favorite of all time. Wish you the best.

    Oh, and, are you have any plans to release some singles, or share some songs before the full album will be finished?

  5. I greet you with a strong and warm embrace, I’m from Nicaragua central america for years that I follow his music as well as his band which I love definitely his music is a work of art each note each melody accompanied by the voice of Tyko it is certainly a trip to their land landscapes to its aesthetics, I sincerely hope that good Bibras accompany you and your family and all your projects always go well although we wish they were not so long to leave but we know that expected in the end it will worth, I hope to know more followed you to keep us informed of TENHI although it can that ever vere live or in person to receive all my appreciation and gratitude for his music magic thanks from this remote corner of Americas, “Tenhi always will flow through the cosmos of the universe as water by the rivers of Finland”.

  6. When when when when when new album is coming?

  7. I cannot wait to see you live! It is one of my biggest dreams.

  8. another year has pass, but your fans still waiting for another magical and otherworldly album :( …
    Love From Iran…

  9. Oulu! Please, Oulu! Teen kaikkeni että tulisitte vaan Ouluun!

  10. Hopefully there would be some tracks in the way of “niin auer hiljaa vie”, “tenhi” and “etäisyyksien taa”! (your otherworldly instrumental acoustic guitars compositions…)
    the most bliss to have “Tenhi” in my lifetime…THANKS!
    wishing you guys health and all the best

  11. So, when will this.new.album.be released?
    And, pretty please, give us a heads up well in advance concerning any new shows as we, fans from abroad, need some time to plan our trips to your country in order to attend a/m shows!!!

  12. Is there a way to keep informed about new tour dates? Like Facebook, newsletter etc.? Would be very helpful.

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