21st September 2015

Prophecy Fest 2015

from mexico

It was such a pleasure to meet all of you fans and experience the beautiful atmosphere at the Prophecy Fest 2015. There were people from over thirty different countries including Finland, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Egypt, Chile, Mexico (thanks for the gifts), China, and even from Tasmania – pretty much the opposite side of the world! You are the best!

Everything was set up for the most beautiful evening and a great show. It must be a cruel twist of fate that the monitor sound (meaning no sound at all) on stage was the most terrible we have ever experienced on our live shows. Too much energy and focus went off rails just trying to hear anything else than drums.

Anyway for us meeting all of you was alone worth the trip – hope you got something in return too!

With love and respect,

4 Responses to “Prophecy Fest 2015”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity guys!!

    It as an amazing experience for me to travel alone for the first time to Germany, volunteer with Prophecy at the fest, help sell your Merch and Stunning Pictures and knowing that after all that hard work I was going to see you perform live after so many years of appreciating your music from a distance, silently with myself from this little corner at Portugal!

    I’m glad you felt the love people have for you and your work and I hope to someday see your perform in a concert by your own name (and chat with you a little bit more!). Despite the sound problems, I have to say this: Tenhi looks amazing on stage. With so many people, it was amazing to see how focused and strong the image of the band came through. I was mesmerized the whole concert. It just really shows how much good musicians you really are, you were so at ease with the music and the performance. I hope maybe Tenhi will play more live music in the future.

    Thank you once again, with all my soul! Cheers from Portugal!

  2. It was absolutely smashing. Never mind the sound problems, your performance was just stronger than all this :))

    Thanks a lot for answering all of my many questions, including the ones about such an old side project as Mother Depth. Really do hope you’ll be able to find something

    And I also hope you’ll be able to play live again some day. You have seen how many people love you and your music

    Me kaikki rakastamme teitä :)

  3. Yes, thank you again! Great venue and atmosphere and even though I didn’t not get to meet Tenhi, I did get to meet a few wonderful people from the Prophecy staff and it was clear everyone was very excited about the event. It was a dream come true seeing Tenhi live and my whole trip is something I will never forget. Now I will patiently wait for a new album and continue to support such a marvelous band!

  4. The most under-rated band in the world. But keep up the good work. We are here for you even though we may not be able to meet Tenhi. Such exceptional sound.
    Cheers from Iran.

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