25th August 2015

Knee Deep in rehearsing


Hello Dear Fans,

Only few rehearsals before hitting the balve gig…

Still some things to be done on our checklist but some sort of musical shape is emerging finally.

There will be no pyrotechnics, no bells and whistles — just poorly played Tenhi songs for your amusement!

Hope to see as many of you dear fans there as possible. This might be the only live event for some time now. And you know when we talk about “some time” it might mean a BIG while.

Line up for the show:

Tyko Saarikko
vocals, ac. guitar

Ilmari Issakainen
ac.guitar, vocals

Tuukka Tolvanen
ac. guitar, vocals

Jaakko Hilppö
bass, vocals

Inka Eerola

Jussi Lehtinen
piano, vocals

Raimo Kovalainen

4 Responses to “Knee Deep in rehearsing”

  1. Coming from Seattle to see Tenhi live at this event. Really glad I booked this trip knowing how long it may be before you all play again. Dream come true for me and many others I am sure!

  2. Great – it will be our pleasure to play for you!

    See you there, Ilmari

  3. I still don’t believe I made it, 6 months ago it still looked like a crazy idea, especially because I was so low on money. But I just felt like if I missed this chance I would be regretting it for the rest of my life. And now all this bunch of troubles I had organising it is left behind, and I can’t wait to be in Balve.

    Thank you so much for everything you’re doing, you’ve made me so much wiser and deeper, and so much more mature.
    Saivo is absolutely perfect without a single chord that could be added to it or taken from it. I can’t say that about any other album in the world – and I’ve heard tonnes.

    I wish you good luck and perfect inspiration during the concert and all your lives.

    With greatest respect and loyalty from the Asian part of Russia,

  4. Thanks for your words – see you in balve!

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