3rd April 2015

TENHI live on Prophecy fest

Tenhi Prophecy fest

Prophecy fest

7 Responses to “TENHI live on Prophecy fest”

  1. I’ll be there !!!

  2. Trying to make it there from Seattle since I saw the news today. Glad it was announced so early so I have time to plan. Would be incredible to see Tenhi live in that arena!

  3. best news ever, I think this location and Tenhi … it couldn’t be a better match!

  4. oohhhhhhh
    maybe I’ll find a way (and money, yes) to get there through half the continent, from the middle of Russia :)
    thank you for announcing in advance!
    wish you good luck in organizing, and a helluva lot of inspiration during the concert!

    and good luck to everybody who wants to come too.

  5. Yeah! Thank you thank you thank you

  6. Bought my plane tickets and the ticket to the show. One thing I can’t find is a place to stay in Balve. If anyone has a floor that an American could sleep on I would gladly pay you for the trouble.

  7. I wish i could be there..

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