2nd March 2014

Actively creating – not posting….or decomposing


Hello fans of our noise,

There have been rumours circulating that perhaps Tyko and I have entered the next reality and abandoned our earthly remains…

Surely this is not that case. The band and persons behind the scenes are doing just fine. Our focus and energy is constantly where our art lies.

Somewhat intentionally/​unintentionally our feed has been at minimal level…
We are the most anaemic updaters and posters of stuff concerning the band.

Here are few things happening:

-studio – we have gathered a lot of old dirty analog stuff…nice hybrid set up (for tech geeks)
-music – too much songs to work on (and no good ones…)
-concept – yes yes. It will be a story and concept album (…not a disney one)
-Collaboration – with Ville Valo and Mikael Åkerfeldt (not this time…)

So there shut up whining about posts!!!!
One update post for year should be enough…

…next update coming 2015

10 Responses to “Actively creating – not posting….or decomposing”

  1. well at least a vital sign ;)

  2. I’ll die if you do a collaboration with Mikael Åkerfeldt. Too much awesome.

  3. Eagerly looking forward to your new album!!!

  4. 1. You are the best! 2. I am ready to wait forever! 3. Good luck in your work!

  5. Good morning from Italy.
    Don’t worry, go slow and be perfect ad usual. You are the best band now a day and you can take all the time that you need or want. Meanwhile it would bè perfect to see you in a live tour….maybe in Italy? Please i can’t wait anymore…i need you guys!
    With lots of respect and admiration, cheers from Italy.
    Your biggest italian fan, Valentino.

  6. It will be worth the wait. But will the vinyl fit in my ‘Collected Works’ wooden box?

  7. Take your time! And good luck!

    That part about Åkerfeldt… is that true?

  8. I am prepared to wait years if necessary. Always a pleasant surprise to get a new Tenhi album. Enjoy the summer!

  9. Olen Puolanainen, Rakastaan TENHI :)

  10. Just saying… You guys are plain awesome!

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