14th February 2013

New album and Finnish Femma award nomination

New album

We have built us a great location for recording and the preliminary material done there shows real potential. The effort was to make a longer term base for our creative work. Basic schema for the coming album is being unfolded and we have some ten new songs hatching up. Currently we are laying down basic tracks for the songs.

Some new working titles for the songs are:

Veden elein
Veresi säe
Sydämes on tiel

Finnish Femma nomination

We are happy to announce that Tenhi is nominated for a Finnish Femma award in “folk” category. The Femma music awards is an alternative event for more commercial and mainstream Emma awards. The event is held tomorrow in Club Virgin Oil Helsinki.

16 Responses to “New album and Finnish Femma award nomination”

  1. These are amazing news!!!Hope to here your new music as soon as possible!Always checking your page for news like these!
    Sure it is great material,please post soon a trailer or some excerpts.
    I’m so happy :D

  2. Cannot wait. One of the few modern bands producing high quality and soulful ‘dark’ music.

    Should be expect a vinyl release?

  3. YES (y)

  4. Great news! Yesterday I was just listening to Saivo and wondered when you will write about a new album on the blog. Today I came here and got a pleasent surprise :) Can’t wait for more info and samples!

  5. Fantastiskt. Jag önskar er lycka till med arbetet med nya skivan.

  6. keep working please,make us see the world from your mystic window !

  7. Mukava kuulla! Kypsytelkää aivan kaikessa rauhassa.

  8. Mahtavaa! Näinkin pian Saivon jälkeen uusi albumi!

  9. Koiranlainen Peura rules so much!!!Folk rhythm from the roots breaking the earth.
    Thx for this mantra

  10. Saivo is aesthetic perfection made with maniacal arrangements,almost neoclassical in some parts,maybe too much pondered and clean.
    I like so much the instinctive and finnic way of folk in tenhi.
    Love you so much,your music is always with me through the years.
    Forever your fan!

  11. Can’t wait for another journey through your music.

  12. I really can’t express in words just how potent your music is. You’ve managed to capure life, beauty and perfection somehow. I’m highly anticipating your next release. Thank you for creating such beauty in this world.

  13. Hope we are getting closer to hearing new material. It is always well worth the wait.

  14. I’m really looking forward to the new record. I’m just listening through your discography and felt the need to thank you for your art! And I’m still hoping to see you play live someday. That would be a dream coming true!

  15. Any News ???

  16. Hope all is well and there will be news on the new album soon.

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