17th February 2012

Some Good Ink

Here’s some fine numbers – Thank you all!

NRGM 95/100

Imperiumi 9,5/10

Miasma 9,5/10

Helsingin Sanomat 4/5

Soundi 4/5

Orkus 10/10

Infernal Masquerade 96/100

Metal.de 10/10

Kogainon 0.99/1

Metal.™ 10/10

Metalreview 9,5/10

Reflections of darkness 10/10

Moltenmetalreviews 9/10

Metal1Info 9/10

Rottinghill 10/10

9 Responses to “Some Good Ink”

  1. what’s the meaning of tattoo? it’s beautiful. can’t stop looking!

  2. The picture is from a fan from New York. The tattoo image is from our ‘Folk Aesthetic’ album cover.

  3. he took my idea! but looks great, I love this artwork ^^

  4. the only reason why they’re not all 10 is because it’s not Maaäet.

  5. I want this on my body :)

  6. tell me some deeper meaning :)))

  7. A skeleton, a symbol of death, growing flowers, symbols of life. I guess that’s the basics – the deeper meaning is in the viewer’s eyes. Hugo Simberg’s painting Kuoleman puutarha (The Garden of Death) might have inspired this artwork?

  8. Who has done that tattoo? So beautiful!

  9. i can’t stop loving it
    i want a tatto of this too, i want to take it forever with me

    Tenhi you are awesome,i got inspired by you to write a story


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