23rd October 2004

The Airut saga continues with a new full length album!

airut:aamujen cover artThe Airut saga that began with Tenhi’s AIRUT:CIWI now stands on its own under the title HARMAA. The Harmaa band is based around the visions of Tyko Saarikko and Ilmari Issakainen.

The second part of Airut saga — AIRUT:AAMUJEN — will be released thru UTUstudio in December. All of its 9 tracks are piano driven compositions varying from romantic atmospheres to darker shades of nature.

Ordering thru UTUstudio net site

One Response to “The Airut saga continues with a new full length album!”

  1. Hi,

    today i have received the package (8-D)

    I am happy and you felicite for this marvellous album which of share its birth will bring some of other

    the harmony and the symphony are agreements in this shouting melody of energy and of appaisement, the exactitude of the sequence is not other than that of a way which profile at the horizon which leads me to hear a single thing and only one with the hollow of my ear: HARMAA

    Thank to ilmari issakainen, janina lehto, tuukka tolvanen and particularly tyko saarikko

    @+ DANY (8-D)

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