14th October 2011

Saivo tracklist

Saivo will finally see its release after four years of painstaking work on November 25th, 2011.

1. Saivon Kimallus
2. Pojan Kiiski
3. Uloin
4. Pienet Purot
5. Sateen Soutu
6. Haaksi
7. Surunuotta
8. Savoie
9. Vuoksi
10. Paluu Joelle
11. Sees
12. Siniset Runot

Further exciting information on “Saivo” as well as pre-order info soon!

15 Responses to “Saivo tracklist”

  1. Thank you!!!I want it in my hands!!!
    Painstaking in the right way to describe your method of creating music.So accurate and perfectly balanced,so expressive in his wholeness and so studied is his details
    Thank you guys!

  2. Too bad, NO Double Album ;-(

  3. @ Kassi “Too bad…”
    We have tracklist, not the length. Who knows…
    Anyway, quality before quantity!

  4. oh well. i prefer quality over quantity, im getting this asap

  5. Yes, the main thing is quality and the name Tenhi stands for quality but i hope we can listen the other songs sometime ;-)
    Tenhi is one of my favorite Bands ever!!!

  6. So happy to read this news !!! you will make my autumn/winter dark and beautiful ;D

  7. How I hope you’ll come to a tour

  8. What kind of packaging is gonna come at us? simple jewelcase or a fine slipcase or such?

  9. great news!!! I waited Saivo for a long time. Sincerely I have no doubt about CD quality. You TENHI are the only last pride of Eurasia!

  10. now we want a tour outside usual germany\scandinavian countries

  11. Finally.

  12. Very good news!!!! Looking forward to hear new material from Tenhi!

  13. Tenhi thanks!!! i’m from argentina i love tenhi!!

  14. Hope you’ll read this. Your music means a lot to me, and finally seeing that ”Saivo” is finally coming out is really the news of the month. Take your time making what you make. It really means a lot!

  15. Olen iloinen niin myös teidän, kun meidän “fanien” puolesta. Toivottavasti kyseessä on taas yksi mestariteos lisää teidän taholta.

    Parhain terveisin,

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