7th October 2011

Saivo Cover

The cover artwork of upcoming “Saivo” album is unveiled now. More to follow!

14 Responses to “Saivo Cover”

  1. Beautiful…beyond words. I’ve been waiting for so long for this album…and now it seems to get closer and closer. Thanks your hard work!

  2. Upea kansi, kuten odottaa saattoi – ja odotettu tätä onkin! Toivottavasti kannet/vihko tarjoaa vielä lisää tunnelmallista taidetta, musiikin lisäksi. Jokin pienimuotoinen kiertue Suomessa olisi kovasti toivottavaa, tervetuloa ainakin länsirannikolle ja Poriin!

  3. I was a little scared by not having any further info on Saivo since last October. I very glad (and relieved) to read these news. Thanks a lot for the work done. Can’t wait to listen to your new tunes.
    Best wishes for all your activities

  4. I want it!!!

  5. Hi Tenhi

    I´m a huge fan of Tenhi, has been a long wait for this new album, is good to know that your new album is ready to come to light, thanks a lot for your inspiration and good music, regards from the misty mountains of Monterrey, N.L. Mexico

  6. reminds me of the teaser you guys made a while back. they’re rowing across a dark quiet sea… im assuming the music is going to be like this


    ok i’m excited so what! we’ve been waiting for so long and now we have both the album cover and the release date!!

    Best luck guys !!

  8. Tiukka kansi! Nyt tulee taas tummaa tunnelmointia? Vaiko ehkä kunnon jytky? ;)

  9. This little boat will take us to other countries …
    Here we go

  10. What’s the meaning of “Saivo”?

  11. Saivo, one of the Sami regions of the dead, where the
    deceased, called saivoolmak, lead happy lives in the saivo world with their families and ancestors; they build tents, hunt, fish, and in every way act as they did on earth. In Norway the saivo world was thought to exist in the mountains, whereas in Finland it was usually believed to be under special double-bottomed lakes connected by a small hole. The saivo localities were regarded as sacred and as sources of power that could be used by the shaman, or noiade. When the noiade wished to go into …

  12. saivo is a region of the afterlife according to sami mythology

  13. I can’t wait to get the new album. Good work guys. D

  14. Eh, Daniel? Misty mountains of Monterrey? I lived there 28 years and I never saw any palpable mist…

    Anyway, it’s good to know this album is finally coming out. Been waiting for it for a long time.

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