28th September 2011

Approaching the Saivo

Good News,

The release date will be November 25, 2011

Further info concerning the release coming up…

15 Responses to “Approaching the Saivo”

  1. YES ;-)

  2. It is great to finally have a release date. These two final months are nothing compared to the years since Maaäet. :)

  3. At last! Thank you!

  4. Great news!
    I am sure it is a great album!
    Hope it is a double album with fantastic drawings from Tyko and great music and texts inside.
    Hope you have registered some more materials in these years :P
    I like too much your music,need more than 1 album :D
    Thanks Tenhi for all the feelings that your music express and all the places your music evoke.

  5. Finally ! the waiting is over !!!
    God Bless.


  6. finally! Can’t wait, you are the best band in the world! I’m sure it’s going to be epic

  7. amazing news. looking forward to it

  8. Thanks a lot for concrete day I have to wait, it will be so nice!

  9. I waited for a long time, look forward!

  10. Great news!Thank you!

  11. Finally ! Fanilly ! Fanilly ! Now i can live in peace.

  12. Thank you guys for the update! Words can’t express how excited I am to hear this album. Just let me know where I can pre-order it.

  13. yes, finally!
    any information about pre-orders and concert dates would be great, too!

  14. great news! autumn is the best period for a Tenhi album to be released! Hope there will be a larger tour that comes also in southern europe :)

  15. Great. Couldn’t imagine a better release-date for a tenhi-record than fall.

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