9th October 2010

Autumnal Air

Hello there,

It seems that every album from Tenhi has taken a lot of time and love to be completed – Saivo is no exception for sure.

I will try to open a bit where we are at the moment so that you can get a grasp of the current issues we are dealing with.

First of all it seems that we have done now the string arrangements that we planned for this album. Personally I am pleased about the results – tones and textures are earthy and dynamic. The last parts for the songs were played with contrabass which is a new addition to our soundscape. The strings will accompany guitars really nicely on this record…

Now we are entering the mastering phase. The final touches and tweaking is done to get the record out. Knowing us this can take a while though!

A big question is that will Saivo be double album…?

Anyways it will be a good one…

41 Responses to “Autumnal Air”

  1. I look forward and I hope it is a double. Your music is wonderful

  2. Sounds excellent and much greater to be a double masterpiece :)
    Good luck during the mastering process too!

  3. A double album would be greatly, because we can not have enough of tenhi !!!

  4. It seems that “Savio” will be on the shelves early 2011. I think making it a “double album” is the best decision. Why leave aside some songs for a 2012 album? As artists, you will grow and change as the time passes by and you will have new ideas for the new songs.
    I will buy your re-issue box set although i have all of your albums.Because your illustrations are as precious as your timeless music and i can’t wait to see new expanded booklets.
    In this cruel world, it is our duty to support real artists like Tenhi and treat them like rarely found diamonds….

  5. Thanks! oh and I would like to take mine as a douple. ;)
    And of cource re-issues has been ordered!

  6. I am sure it will be a great album,this winter on prophecy we are waiting for great music.
    Thanks tenhi

  7. I am a massive fan of everything you have ever done, and am looking forward to Savio with great anticipation. Though this wait is torture, especially when I was hoping the album would have been out in the summer as scheduled. Non the less, take your time don’t rush and make is as perfect as possible and to your own expectations. The wait will be worth it for your TRUE fans!

  8. Thanks a lot for the post. Considering what you folks are doing, there’s no hurry.

  9. Sounds very very great.
    Take the time you need for it!
    Re-issues are ordered for a great autumn, the best time for me to listen to your great music!
    A double Cd will be even more better, but i will take everything from you!

    Hails from Vienna

  10. excellent. Take the time you want. you are the geniuses at this. Congratulations. you guys are an amazing band. my favorite. Greetings from Costa Rica. good luck

  11. I can’t wait! Really want to see you live in UK. Best regards!!!

  12. I feel it is definitely worth waiting. I am so looking forward to release. Keep on moving, Tenhi! All the best!

  13. Hi!
    I really enjoy your musicand the atmosphere that you create with

    and it`s nice to have the opportunity to say it!

    A hug and greetings from Chile

  14. Päästääkö vaahtera lehtensä vikkelämmin niille, jotka malttamattomina kiristelevät hampaitaan odottaen kuuraa? Voiko keskittyneesti patistamalla saada vuokon purkamaan silmunsa?

    Aika antaa niille, jotka antavat sen itselleen.

    Voimia viimeistelyihin!

  15. Rannalta Haettu wash all the pains away,ease the nervous strain.It ends perfectly maaaet.It leaves you in a natural,calm equilibrium.It’s pure joy of life,hope to find also this ingredient in saivo.
    Thanks a lot

  16. all I can say is: I want it!

  17. I hope Saivo will also be released in a digibook form. The re-issues look amazing.

  18. I’m still dreaming of releasing this album on vinyl. It’s the only way Tenhi’ albums share the real spirit of the music while listening. I think you should consider setting up some kind of forum therefore you have so many fans!

  19. it will most likely be a good one
    a double disc would change only the price, but then again, Folk aesthetic was a triple disc album and the price was just fine.

    Still supporting from Chile

  20. Argh! Tenhi-Fever came back to me and you guys have been so creative. This winter I will have much music to explore. “Kauan” belongs to the five best albums I have in my collection.

    greetings from Germany


  21. I am dying for this to come out, however I know it will be worth the wait. Keep up the fantastic work!

  22. One would not rush mother nature as she spends forever perfecting her creations. Tenhi is a blessing, and always worth the wait…

  23. saivo: next summer?

  24. I’m waiting for along time,i’ll counting down for it before new year…

  25. A bit late, but an happy new year to all the Tenhi fans around the globe!
    A lot of inspiration to everyone from the Netherlands.

    (P.S. Is there any news about Saivo? The long waiting is starting to become an torment.)

  26. I dream with this new album
    This band gave me a lot of special moments.
    I’m a huge fan of the finnish music, and its way to express deep feelings. I traveled thousands of miles driven to feel a bit of that essence of Finland and the trip was an incredible and unforgettable experience

    Thanks and hope to hear the new album soon
    Greetings from Chile

  27. well its good to have some news about the album at least.
    Thank you for your music, i cannot wait for Saivo
    Greetings from portugal

  28. This has been such a long and anticipated wait for me. I really hope it’s coming along well, and if it’s out in summer, let our summer be burdened with storms! The sun shines inside when listening to Tenhi, so it’s a more pleasurable experience if it’s raining outside ;)

  29. Wish Saivo be realesed soon, but I’m ready to wait as much as needed.
    Greetings from Ukraine!

  30. Please bring us some new atmospheres …
    and give us some news soon

    Greetings From France

  31. I am a fan of your work!
    Please, new news from the album, I need then from my soul! hahaha
    Greetigs from Brazil!

  32. I can’t wait for the new album. I love your music so much! Please come to Scotland! :)

    All the best!


  33. I’ve visited your website about 200 times since your release of the Saivo teaser. Winter, the best time for listening to your music, is passing. Good that you want to do this perfectly, but please… Olen hyvaeae ja hurry up a bit ;)

  34. Any news?
    Kisses from Verona, Italy

  35. Neither a patient waits for the morning
    Nor the grave waits for the fresh dead
    Nor the devil waits for a sin
    As much as i waited for you…

    This quotation from a poem by Turkish poet Necip Fazıl Kısakürek sums up my feelings about Savio…

    C’mon guys, what are you doing? Give us some updates and please release this _preferably double_ album ! :)

  36. Waiting with love for the upcoming bliss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooZOOtkGkB0

  37. Hi guys,

    It’s been quite a long time you said that Saivo would be released “soon”. Even though I’m confident about your wonderful tastes in music, maybe you could give some information about the release.
    Do we have to wait another season? Another couple of months? Will Saivo be a double album or not? Any idea about the jacket? Is it a top-secret album? Will you produce some new arts and paintings? Will it explode after we listen to it? Am I going insane?
    Please, post anything that could soothe our craving for your music ;-)

    Cheers from the end of the world, i.e. Britanny.

  38. Hope I’ll see, read or better: hear! some vital signs of you soon. And don’t forget to come to Berlin again :)

  39. Hello Tenhi. To be frank, I think I’m going crazy.It’s been a loooooong time since your last post. Sometimes it occurs to me that maybe you guys have fallen apart. Please give us a release date. please. thanks.

  40. My most anticipated album in 5 years! Just LONGING for it, please, give us some hint at least!
    Best regards from Ukrainian band Obiymy Doschu, we love you guys! http://rain.in.ua

  41. The waiting continues…
    I am sure that,soon,there will be some good news.
    I am always faithful to tenhi music and confident they’ll make a great new album!!!
    For me waiting tenhi’s music is like waiting a message from nature.
    Thanks a lot!!!

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