19th September 2010

Tenhi: Back catalogue re-issues due out end of October

On October 29, the Tenhi albums “Kauan” (1999), “Väre” (2002), “Maaäet” (2006), “Airut:Aamujen” (2006), as well as the 3-CD compilation “Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006” (2007) will be re-issued in noble, portrait format digibooks with massively extended booklets in a limited edition of 1.500 copies each. The limited Tenhi collector’s box “The Collected Works 1997-2007” (lim. 500) containing all five digibooks plus a Tenhi logo patch will be released at the same date. All products are available for pre-order in Prophecy’s online shop now:

Tenhi: Kauan (Digibook CD) (lim. 1.500, 64 page booklet)
Tenhi: Väre (Digibook CD) (lim. 1.500, 64 page booklet)
Tenhi: Maaäet (Digibook CD) (lim. 1.500, 72 page booklet)
Tenhi: Airut:Aamujen (Digibook CD) (lim. 1.500, 48 page booklet)
Tenhi: Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006 (Digibook 3CD) (lim. 1.500, 72 page booklet)
Tenhi: The Collected Works 1997-2007 (Boxset) (lim. 500, incl. patch)

16 Responses to “Tenhi: Back catalogue re-issues due out end of October”

  1. Great news and thanks, but please give us some release date of the new album. I’ve been checking your website almost everyday since august but still no update. Thanks a lot.

  2. I ordered the box set and hope the expanded booklets will have more artwork. Hope the new material is on its way soon as well.

  3. I’m also much interested in any information about the new album. Is recording finished? And, by the way, do you plan any performance after release?
    Ah, it’s going to be very Tenhiful autumn… :)

    @Saeed: You don’t have to check the website every day as the news section offer RSS feed – just install an RSS reader and subscribe to utustudio.com and you will receive a notification as soon as they publish new post :)

  4. Great news guys! We want to know something about SAIVO!!! pleaseee!

  5. Great news despite the fact that i already have all your previous releases (I’m now interested in vinyl LP format, because i no longer can listen to cd at home :( ), but I insist on sharing with us the information about Saivo! Come on guys, don’t let us wait, we’ve waited so long :) !

  6. Will love you forever http://www.youtube.com/user/GRAYTEAR?feature=mhum#p/a/u/0/vsLFx7JjGYY

  7. What’s going on? with the release of:
    TENHI – The Collected Works 1997-2007 (7CD-Box)

  8. Dears,

    I’ve ordered the “colected works” but it’s isn’t yet shipped. Any news?

  9. Today the TENHI – The Collected Works 1997-2007 (7CD-Box)
    has arrived and it looks amazing.
    Great Work i love it!!!

  10. Hello,
    I bought the re-issue box although i have all of Tenhi albums in my collection. Here are some thougts for those who want to hear some comments:

    1) Do not buy the re-issue box containing 7 CDs if you have already Folk Aesthetic because nothing new has been added to Folk Aesthetic in terms of content.
    2) Main novelty for the re-issues other than Folk Aesthetic is that very interesting photos of the band have been added to each re-issue and there are 2 extra pages of comments by the band explaining the story behind the album and each song at the album.
    3) I would like to read more comments by band members about the making of the albums, their musical past, influences etc. and also see more of their wonderful graphics and illustrations at the re-issues.
    4) It is necessary to buy them for any die-hard Tenhi fan but if you have all the albums, you can live without the re-issues, especially if the budget is a problem.

    Best wishes….

  11. The Budget is a Problem ???

    at the moment you can order
    The Collected Works 1997-2007 (7CD-Box)

    for Euro 29,99€ (+Postage)



    This is no joke !!!

    because i have order it there and it has arrived,
    for this price i can’t live without the re-issues.

    Best wishes…

  12. Thank you very much for the excellent re-issue. Beautiful and creatively decorated booklets can feel the music deeply. It’s a real pure art.

  13. Haha Kassi it seems they noticed their pricing error since it is now €69,99. Anyway, I would appreciate if somebody could provide some nice (detailed) pictures of the box set please, don’t hold back. Thank you very much.

  14. I was telling myself the whole time “I’m not gonna buy the boxset, I already have all the CD’s.. it would be silly to buy them all again”.. So guess what I did? Yes I caved and ordered it anyway. Curse you Tenhi!

  15. Beside all more interests for me are stories behind each song and their own points of view about or in what situation and atmospheres each album was born;Overall This boxset let me get closer to Tenhi feelღ

  16. I bought the boxset and I desire express my gratitude to you.
    I like your concept: the music complete with images and comments.
    This is Art.
    Now I hope to see you soon in Italy..

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