2nd July 2010

“Saivo” and back catalogue re-releases

Sorry for the sparse updates about ‘Saivo’. We hoped to get the album out this summer and didn’t want to disappoint you before all hope was gone. Despite the hopefully final delays, the album is well underway and the final parts are being recorded within couple of weeks, namely choirs and cello parts. We plan to finish our works on the album by the end of August eventually. ‘Saivo’ has taken its time and we didn’t want to rush it. Almost every of the songs has gone through a huge variety of alternative arrangements until we felt that we had achieved best result.

Another excellent news is that Prophecy Prophecy productions will rerelease all our previous full-length albums: ‘Kauan’, ‘Väre’, ‘Airut:aamujen’ and ‘Maaäet’ with special and significantly enhanced booklets and artwork. Stay tuned for more information about these re-issues!

27 Responses to ““Saivo” and back catalogue re-releases”

  1. Eagerly waiting…”Saivo” please be a masterpiece!

  2. Always here watching for some news about you and finally the day has come.I tell you always:your music become a part of me.Need it to feed my spirit
    Thanks for everything
    Hope to see you in italy

  3. Yes please come to italy, I’d travel north and south to see you! :)

  4. wow news i’ve been expecting.
    i still have high hopes for this next album, we’ve waited long enough, so a little more won’t bother.

    i wish you guys the best of luck

    Greetings From Chile

  5. Great News!!! Waiting impatiently!!!!

  6. We have been waiting for so long. The end of august doesn’t seem so far away. Thank you Tenhi.

  7. Tanks for news, please very good album, no problem for retard. I hope to see in Italy near Venice.

  8. Great news at all!
    Can’t wait to listen to “Saivo” but also the ReReleases will be great.
    Thank you Tenhi!

    Greets from Vienna

  9. Thank you for the good news, now we just have to patiently await until August and we’ll have the new Tenhi masterpiece..I really can’t wait to listen to it!

  10. Thanks for the Saivo news! The other part of the news only means that I need to spend money! ahaha :)
    I hipe that prophecy will sell them as “package”. It would be nice anyway. :)

  11. Great news. Awaiting the new album with eager anticipation. Maaäet was absolutely fantastic. I can’t think of a better time of the year to start listening to a new Tenhi album

  12. Im utterly trepidated :D

  13. There’s always time for music anyway; may it take as much of it as it pleases.
    The time of music makes up for everything we can give. )

  14. Brilliant! Will the new release or other albums come in LP format?!

  15. I so hope they are re-released on LP! Tenhi deserves a nice full size package!!! PLEASE DO IT!!!

  16. Amazing news! Gonna start saving for those re-releases, my chance to build a nice Tenhi discography ^^

  17. Take all the time you need! I’ll buy it whenever it’s ready. I also want a “nice full size package” for the album!

  18. .. so warm news :) Thank you!

  19. Awesome! Can’t wait for the new album. I’m sure it will be excellent, touching, going to the most deep parts of soul.

    Besides that, can’t wait for the tour and live shows!!! I would love to see you doing show in Helsinki autumn or winter… That would be my dream come true!

    Best of luck 4 U!

  20. Perfection needs time… :)
    All the best for you boys, I hope to come to see your beautiful country soon…

  21. Very curious about the new album, hopefully Prophecy would release vinyls from Saivo and the older records.

  22. It would be nice to hear some news about the album. Also I hope your tour will include Poland, you have many fans here!

  23. I hope I won’t be dead by time when Saivo is released, I’ll tell you if I’m still here. Good luck with the final touches of your upcoming masterpiece. Greetings & best wishes from a Tenhi lover in Egypt. Also, come play here! I’ll guarantee you there will be at least one attendant. (me). ;) ;D

  24. I agree with Mr. Lehto (I wonder who that might be), because vinyl is the format I prefer. A live performance in Sweden would not be too unwelcome either!

    Greetings from Sweden

  25. Your music – magic! Come with a concert to Moscow!!!
    Thanks for your music. With impatience we wait Saivo)!

  26. I’m waiting the new album so much, I hope you will come to Nuremberg for a show, your music is so wonderful
    Best regards

  27. Excellent news! Tenhi is the greatest musical and artistic project to blossom out of the Finnish soil in a long long time. Haunting and evocative, brilliant and exciting. I’m eagerly looking forward to hear the latest album.

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