1st January 2010

Great New Year for All!


A sincere thanks to everyone for comments and patience…
It is truly nice to see that our music is echoing all around the world!

So have a nice one!

30 Responses to “Great New Year for All!”

  1. amiable patience for beautiful coming things :)
    soulful things spreading all over freely…

  2. Have a nice one you too!

  3. Great destinations in this year! To be with hope and in love! Good luck!

  4. Hyvää uuttavuotta!!!

    Greetings from China..

  5. Tenhi addicts in Iran wish you guys a happy year.

  6. I wish you a Creative New Year!
    We all hope to listen to your new album this year and, maybe, see you live in some concerts in 2010.

    Greetings from Romania!

  7. A great 2010 to the best band in the world!

  8. Tenhi are a place within myself; untapped by any other means. Thank you too much. Be well.

  9. Your music truly deserves all of our patience.
    Happy new year from Italy, and a hope that you’ll come to milan for a gig one day and I’ll see Tenhi live! Lots of good things..

  10. Likewise for you. Greetings from the states and much success with the next work. Extremely anxious to hear it, needless to say!

  11. Have an amazing one you too… And thank you so much for make ours even better with your art.

    Greetings from México!

  12. Greetings from Canada!

    Your music is and will always be a huge inspiration. I patiently await your new masterpiece.


    nathanaël “Musk Ox”

  13. A late “All the best for 2010!” from Germany also.

    Keep it up.

  14. Thank You Tenhi :)

    We patiently waiting for Saivo, and hope that it will be another great album :) Good Luck Tenhi to creat new album :) Greetings From Poland :)

  15. Greetings from Chile!!

    have an exellent year full of success!
    i’m honestly waiting for saivo to be the best news of this year.

    Happy 2010

    oh and watch for those snow storms i saw on the news
    good luck

  16. Hei,

    hyvää uutta vuotta bändille.
    Osaatteko sanoa, milloin tulee keikka taas, esim. Helsingissä?
    En ollut vielä koskaan Tenhi keikalla, odotan jo kauan sitten!

    Kaikkea hyvää teille!

  17. I’m chinese,english is poor,so i only can say··

    HAPPY2010= =

  18. Greetings from Russian, brothers!
    Long live in art and health to you.

  19. Hey,

    Very late New Year Greetings from Vienna, Austria, too!!
    Can’t wait listening to your new stuff.It will be great.



  20. Onnellista uutta vuotta. (late) New year greetings & best wishes from a Tenhi lover in Egypt! ;D

  21. Hyvää kuluvaa vuotta Tenhillekkin! Kevään auringon myötä innolla odotellaan kovasti kesää ja uutta levyä :D Mahtava teaseri pakko myöntää, hyvä että ei paljasteta liikaa vaan pidetään jännityksessä!

    Heittäkää keikkaa vähän pohjoisemmassakin joskus!

  22. HI!!!

    Very late New Year Greetings too!!

    Leticia (from Barcelona, Spain)

  23. Hello from America!!

    n malja Tenhi! Sorry if my Finnish is horrible but my associates that I work for Nordic Swan told me to write that.

  24. You deserve it guys!

  25. Summer is almost here and I can’t wait to hear the new album! I know it will be worth the wait. Greetings from Seattle!


  26. Tenhi is one of the most beautiful and deep bands in the world, and it’s because you really feel what you’re doing and you transmit it in your music. Thank you for shearing your art, and congratulations for your beautiful music. Greetings from Argentina!

  27. guys, i love you all! seriously…
    Greetings from Brazil! yeah, so far.. hah

  28. Today is the 1th of June, SUMMER!

  29. Tenhi is truly the apex of music. Beyond wonderful.

  30. What about some news? C’mon, tell us is there any progress with Saivo?
    Greets from Poland!

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