23rd October 2009

Saivo teaser

Here is a little teaser we made for you.

19 Responses to “Saivo teaser”

  1. Thanks for the teaser, I can’t wait!
    Good luck!

  2. Waiting impatiently for this summer…

  3. Great, thank you for the teaser!
    To Finnish-speaking: What does “Saivo” mean?

  4. when folk aesthetic came out 2 years ago i started waiting for saivo and finally there is a release date.I am always waiting for your great music that has became a part of my spirit.
    thanks tenhi

  5. Great Teaser!! I cant wait for your next album!!!
    Best regards from Spain!!!
    Good work!!!!

  6. HAAAAAAA!!!!can’t wait for summer!!!

  7. damn it’s creepy :D this is the atmosphere I wanna hear, always my fav band!!

  8. Kiitos, guys! It is so mysterious and dark, lastly it is hard to put in words, that your music finds the deepest corners of the soul… Especially after visiting stony, windy, with flying cranes above, FINLAND.

    Thank you for being who you are!

  9. Can’t wait for the new album…
    Thank you guys for making songs this wonderful. Your music changed my life like, really.

  10. Oh how I long for this album.

    I didn’t believe in magic before. Then I heard Tenhi a few years ago, and now…Yes, magic does exist.

  11. Love it. Leipzig (Germany) is waiting.

  12. Saivo should mean “sacred stone” in Saami

  13. Heh, The teaser of Saivo really reminded me of Sauna, Finnish horror movie released last year. Same kind of dark atmosphere and images. I do want to believe that Tenhi’s plot in the new album is deeper though :).

  14. Awesome! What a great teaser. I’M HYPED!. Can’t wait! :) Thank you tenhi.

  15. Next summer will surely be a magical one! The music of Tenhi stands for real, pure beauty in its original sense in these dark modern times. Greetings from Hungary!

  16. It was awesome.Just what might be expected from great Tenhi.Deep,dark,a bit creepy.I hope there’ll be a song lile ‘Souto’ in the upcoming album.Thanks a lot.

  17. By the way, Tenhi has a lot of fans in Iran.

  18. All the luck and will be waiting to see more of your adorable art as soulful as the past…”Specially Your Heavenly Acoustic Plays”

  19. Im Japanese fan of Tenhi

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