10th April 2009

A day – A year?


We have just finished the bass recording sessions for Saivo and things look great! It seems that we are heading for a slow, deep and dark waters…

Hopefully we will put some clips online later on — this might be tomorrow or few years from now.

So stay tuned and have a good Easter.

29 Responses to “A day – A year?”

  1. espero con ansias escuchar saivo ¡¡es grandiosa la música que nos brindan!!!

    saludos desde Chile.

  2. Great news, I can’t wait to hear the new material.

  3. Guys, good luck in recording, we are waiting unpationtly for new material and, of course, presentation!

  4. i’m glad that Saivo’s recording is proceeding so well…

    but it’s bittersweet to know it could be done in a day, or a year from now.

    we fans trust your good criteria.

    Greetings, From Chile as well.

  5. So, you proceed in a tempo that Tyko mentioned after the gig :). I’m glad to hear, that you are doing well, and please don’t delay! :D. Cheeeeers from Poland, hope to see you soon somewhere close !

  6. Good news! I will be waiting for the new material a day,a year or five years. Learned many things from your music!

  7. Lemme join the praises from Chile once more… keep doin’ terrific stuff!

  8. Me too…
    Chile has many fans of your gracefull and deep dark work
    We hope more great news in the future…
    Take your time to do your art as beautifull as always.
    We’ll wait for your breathtaking music.

    Best regars from the southern End of the World

  9. finally guys you show up! :D cannot wait to hear new material, really curious how it sounds after Ikka left

  10. You guys became for me really special.What can i say?
    I am waiting all the days for your great music…the deepest

  11. Great news! Good luck with the recording!

    Jag har alltid undrat… kan någon av er svenska? :)
    Lycka till

  12. I can’t wait to order Saivo!!!

  13. Naturligtvis!

  14. hei hei, i’ve been listening too you guys since 3 years now… am very glad that you still making music… from Venezuela i salute you…

    keep it going!

    hei hei..

  15. Ciao,
    Io ed altri amici siamo in trepida attesa per un altro capolavoro. Buon proseguimento
    Bye from Italy

  16. Great news! I’m sure this record will be amazing as all previous.

    Go ahead!

  17. Great Music,looking forward to hearing your upcoming art sequence and hope you’ll play in Croatia some day soon …

  18. Great news. I need more Tenhi to grace my ears.

  19. I was just about to send you guys an email to see how things were progressing. I am very happy to hear that work is under way on the new album! As long as I know it will be released some day I am happy! In the mean time, I will keep going back to all other Tenhi albums.

    Greetings from Seattle,


  20. espero poder escuchar otra vez TENHI desde cero …descubriendo nuevas canciones

    saludos desde chile

  21. Oh Ilmari kan svenska? väldigt!
    Waiting waiting patiently. Many moments of inspiration to you!

  22. please, can you send me some of yours bass tabs?

    thanks a lot

    We really need you in Italy… please arrange something here in central Italy. We have good autumns and they’ll became just perfect with you! Thanks….

  24. I really can’t wait especially piano.Souto is one of my favorites.I hope there’ll be a song like that.

  25. Hey, Tenhi, what about second Night of Darkfolk Aesthetic? It could be a good tradition – every year in Oktober… What do you think?

  26. Wonderful news, but can’t wait to listen dark sounds from Saivo! (I should continue listening elder albums.)

    Greetings from Turkey!

  27. Another fan from Italy to you.. you just can’t imagine how your music truly symbolizes our everyday “autumns”.. I join Lorenzo inviting you to arrange a live in our country! Waiting for your next folk-art..

  28. So, we need this record like the water! We wait you here, in Italy!

  29. Yeah, we’re really looking forward for a Tenhi live in Milan here..
    Greetings from Italy, Fede

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