16th October 2008

Night of Folk Aesthetic

Thanks for everyone who showed up. It was a real pleasure to play for you. Unfortunately the bar closed rather early so there wasn’t any time to hang around after the show. We are surely keen on playing soon again in Helsinki but for now we concentrate on the new album.

Also special thanks for the amazing shows goes for Matt Howden of Sieben and Jochen and Tom of Dornenreich.


8 Responses to “Night of Folk Aesthetic”

  1. someone was there and posted this video of the Vuoksi song


    I must say that the new album will be somewhat awesome if it goes on like this (:

    best luck, and keep the excelent work!!!

  2. Thank you for this enchanting night of aesthetic art, and for the memorable photo :)
    Pity that Paula didn’t appear :(

    Greetings from Poland :)

  3. I’ve been briefly returning from France to Finland just for the concert, some three-and-something weeks after leaving Finland where I spent the last year eagerly expecting some announcement, finally, regarding a Tenhi gig around… If it hadn’t been also for the country itself, where I shall move soon for good, and for my friends there, the concert alone would have been worth the long and straining journey. Tenhi’s music was in my dreams prior to ever coming to Finland, it was with me all through the seasons I spent there, and accompanied my deep infatuation for Finnish language, and music, and people, and everything – it accompanied the deepest life-shifting. Somewhat identified to it. I wonder if such importance makes any sense to you, but – thank you. The beauty of what happened in Gloria overwhelmed me so much that I burst into tears. If I had been able to say a single word during the half hour afterwards, I’d just have rushed and asked if the reason why you play so rarely had something to do with the idea that scarcity in the only condition for such magic to happen… which to that extent I don’t think. Even if I wouldn’t be directly concerned, I hope that someday you’ll be able to bring this to the South, besides Germany – France and Belgium in mind, where if ever few your admirers are the most dedicated. In the meantime, hoping you won’t give up your plans for more shows in Finland… Thank you again – Julie

  4. tenhi=love

  5. I quote Julie, Tenhi is something rare that happens once in a lifetime, mercie Julie pour tes paroles

  6. The concert in Helsinki was wonderful! Maybe the best I’ve ever had. I was so ashamed for those people who chatted and dropped their bottles etc :( It was really annoying.

    I fell in love with the feelings this concert gave me. Thank you!

    Greetings for the Polish guys I gave one setlist to :)

  7. Guys! Break the damn silence! :D

  8. Really sad that there was an age-limit at Gloria show, please play next gig for younger audience too, thanks :)

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