15th March 2023

Valkama pre-order (released June 9, 2023) and new track ‘Saattue’ lyric video

From a decade of twilight, Finnish dark folk ensemble Tenhi return to the light with a lyric video for the new track ´Saattue´ (“convoy”) as the first single taken from “Valkama” (“harbour”, “shelter”), released on June 9, 2023. https://youtu.be/B6Jo_6ZgE8M
“Valkama” — alongside the 14 LP box set “Collected Works 2023” — is available as CD, 36-page hardcover CD artbook with bonus CD, and gatefold 2LP (black or clear). http://lnk.spkr.media/tenhi-valkama
“We are proud to present this lyric video”, Tyko Saarikko writes on behalf of the band. “This record has been long in the making, but finally we found the haven, ‘Valkama’, that we’ve been searching for. The background picture of the video is actually the cover art of the album. We truly enjoyed making the cover come alive by using simple yet effective means such as candlelight and real smoke, which is giving it a more eerie feeling.”

8th March 2023

‘Valkama’ teaser

31st December 2018

Hello Dear Fans.

Another year rolls by faster than anticipated. A lot has happened for the band and we have been working slowly but steadily towards our next release.

One of the biggest and time-consuming events has been moving our headquarters/studio to a new location. It took a long while to find a suitable space for our needs but we finally managed to get a perfect place, which also hopefully speeds things up in the future.

Along the year we also acquired some interesting instruments and equipment, which will leave their mark on the coming sonic landscapes. Especially the vintage analog reverb and delay units have stolen our hearts. Particularly the legendary bigger than piano-sized plate reverb Emt 140 and the “mother of all spring reverbs” Akg bx20 really shine.

The song selection for the next release has been more or less the same during last few last years – but we have reworked some things and now we are content with the material. Our goal is to be ready with the music in 2019. A lot of the art work needs to done so no proper schedule for the actual release can be given at the moment.

Have a nice one.

Cheers from all the members of Tenhi.

19th September 2017

The Pale Harbor

28th August 2017

Mixing and mixing and yet again mixing…

We have been doing a lot of mixing – obviously…
Sounds are getting really interesting.
Liking the vibe of the record.

21st July 2017

A Northern Summer

Ok – here is where we are literally now.
Landscapes filled with lovely summer pastures.
No fish caught yet…
Little sunshine, a whole lot of rain.
Waiting for the berries and mushrooms to grow.
The other night there was this really odd bird singing in the night.
Never heard that one before.
And I did clean up the outside grill.

What else?

We have been doing some mixing too.
Some rerecording of piano parts as well.
Nothing sounds as good as the old clang of Tyko’s grand piano.
There is just something special in those old instruments that
are close to falling apart.

A good bunch of songs are nearly there.
Next big effort will be there art around the music.

11th January 2017

31st December 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Really looking forward to year 2017. Recordings for our forth coming album ‘Valkama’ are basically done. Next step is mixing and drafting out the cover artwork, for which we have an ambitious concept. Let’s see how it plays out.

Here is a first raw mix iphone-snippet from the song ‘Veden elein’, which we are quite pleased with. It only took couple of hours to hatch. Strange.

Current track listing:

Rinta maan
Sydämes on tiel
Elokuun linnut
Veden elein
Aina sininen aina

6th October 2016

Small Pockets of Success


The main bulk of work is done. We finally cracked the mystery of finding the route in.
Steering now towards our vision. The new thing is emerging. Little shadowy still but shapes and stories are coming to focus…

Vocals are going next under the magnifying glass.

The lyrics need some work as well.

After that shifting to art work..

Good Fall for all,

10th February 2016

Towards light and a few Resolutions


Hello Dear Fans,

Year has changed again – but it seems that we are still the same.
Tenhi Core team Tyko, Tuukka and I taking small trips to audio wonderland
trying to figure out the elusive art of making records.

Music goes the same old lane for us.
Slow evolution and then degeneration and then distraction etc.
Lots of experimentation has certainly occurred.
And lots of songs too. Some of them good – some of them need a little work.
We are committed to bring you the best – the VERY BEST. THE ….ok

One thing is for certain ( our new year’s resolution) no more festival live shows…
Next live show will be a concert of our own making. But we will finish the forth coming album before this.

Love for Music is still there.

Best, Ilmari

29th September 2015




There are few images left from the Prophecy fest art show. If you are interested buying one please ask from epost (@) prophecy (dot) de.

Also few wall canvases with Folk Aesthetic-logo remains. Those are for sale for 25€ (including shipping world wide). Buy them and support the band directly by sending email to tenhi (@) utustudio (dot) com.

21st September 2015

Prophecy Fest 2015

from mexico

It was such a pleasure to meet all of you fans and experience the beautiful atmosphere at the Prophecy Fest 2015. There were people from over thirty different countries including Finland, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Egypt, Chile, Mexico (thanks for the gifts), China, and even from Tasmania – pretty much the opposite side of the world! You are the best!

Everything was set up for the most beautiful evening and a great show. It must be a cruel twist of fate that the monitor sound (meaning no sound at all) on stage was the most terrible we have ever experienced on our live shows. Too much energy and focus went off rails just trying to hear anything else than drums.

Anyway for us meeting all of you was alone worth the trip – hope you got something in return too!

With love and respect,

16th September 2015

Art exhibition at Prophecy Fest





Just few days till the fest and things are shaping up!

The exhibition art pieces are looking amazing. Presented will be Saivo images, some Folk Aesthetic images and festival poster design. The images are printed on vintage wooden panels and the sizes differ from 1189mm x 598mm to 420mm x 841mm. These exclusive and signed images are for sale – a chance to get truly unique Tenhi-art pieces!

Available for purchase are also couple of smaller A5-size images printed on wooden cards and wall canvases with Folk Aesthetic graphic.

Get your own copies and be sure to bring them to the signing session!

See you soon!

New merchandize!

folk aesthetic hoodie

folk aesthetic shirt

demo shirt


Tenhi merchandise with two classic designs will be available on Prophecy Fest! “Folk Aesthetic” (t-shirt, girlie, zipper) and “Kertomuksia” (t-shirt).

25th August 2015

Knee Deep in rehearsing


Hello Dear Fans,

Only few rehearsals before hitting the balve gig…

Still some things to be done on our checklist but some sort of musical shape is emerging finally.

There will be no pyrotechnics, no bells and whistles — just poorly played Tenhi songs for your amusement!

Hope to see as many of you dear fans there as possible. This might be the only live event for some time now. And you know when we talk about “some time” it might mean a BIG while.

Line up for the show:

Tyko Saarikko
vocals, ac. guitar

Ilmari Issakainen
ac.guitar, vocals

Tuukka Tolvanen
ac. guitar, vocals

Jaakko Hilppö
bass, vocals

Inka Eerola

Jussi Lehtinen
piano, vocals

Raimo Kovalainen

3rd April 2015

TENHI live on Prophecy fest

Tenhi Prophecy fest

Prophecy fest

2nd March 2014

Actively creating – not posting….or decomposing


Hello fans of our noise,

There have been rumours circulating that perhaps Tyko and I have entered the next reality and abandoned our earthly remains…

Surely this is not that case. The band and persons behind the scenes are doing just fine. Our focus and energy is constantly where our art lies.

Somewhat intentionally/​unintentionally our feed has been at minimal level…
We are the most anaemic updaters and posters of stuff concerning the band.

Here are few things happening:

-studio – we have gathered a lot of old dirty analog stuff…nice hybrid set up (for tech geeks)
-music – too much songs to work on (and no good ones…)
-concept – yes yes. It will be a story and concept album (…not a disney one)
-Collaboration – with Ville Valo and Mikael Åkerfeldt (not this time…)

So there shut up whining about posts!!!!
One update post for year should be enough…

…next update coming 2015

14th February 2013

New album and Finnish Femma award nomination

New album

We have built us a great location for recording and the preliminary material done there shows real potential. The effort was to make a longer term base for our creative work. Basic schema for the coming album is being unfolded and we have some ten new songs hatching up. Currently we are laying down basic tracks for the songs.

Some new working titles for the songs are:

Veden elein
Veresi säe
Sydämes on tiel

Finnish Femma nomination

We are happy to announce that Tenhi is nominated for a Finnish Femma award in “folk” category. The Femma music awards is an alternative event for more commercial and mainstream Emma awards. The event is held tomorrow in Club Virgin Oil Helsinki.

21st April 2012

Contract with Prophecy Productions extended

From Prophecy newsletter:

With pleasure we announce that Tenhi, one of the first and most productive Prophecy bands, extended their contract with Prophecy for two further albums. Since the “Hallavedet” single CD (1998), Tenhi released five studio albums and the anniversary compilation “Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006” via Prophecy. The cooperation has so far been topped off by the comprehensive vinyl box set “The Collected Works”, which was released in December 2011 and comprises Tenhi’s complete body of work.

Tyko Saarikko (Tenhi) on the contract extension: “We are happy and proud that we will continue on the path we started with Prophecy Productions fifteen years ago. The accomplished albums have been based on our artistic freedom and Prophecy’s patience to let us choose our own pace of creating music. We feel confident that by extending the collaboration with Prophecy our expression has the opportunity to refine and even grow into new lengths.”

17th February 2012

Some Good Ink

Here’s some fine numbers – Thank you all!

NRGM 95/100

Imperiumi 9,5/10

Miasma 9,5/10

Helsingin Sanomat 4/5

Soundi 4/5

Orkus 10/10

Infernal Masquerade 96/100

Metal.de 10/10

Kogainon 0.99/1

Metal.™ 10/10

Metalreview 9,5/10

Reflections of darkness 10/10

Moltenmetalreviews 9/10

Metal1Info 9/10

Rottinghill 10/10