9th February 2006

Wohaa – time to party! Fucked up booklets


We would like to thank our fans for the patience for the new album. But unfortunately bad winds have been and are still blowing on our backs.
The first edition of maaäet was released with faulty booklet. It makes us really sad and furious that after all the hard work and delays the release was fucked up at the last minute.

In the correct booklet there should be one painting on each page and it should be read vertically like it shows in the previous picture in news section. Now it is totally screwed. The graphics have been splitted and scattered on different pages.

We encourage all the fans who have the faulty booklet to take contact to our label prophecy productions according their press-release. Our sincere apologies for the trouble.

press-release from prophecy:

“Because of an error during the manufacturing of the booklet for the new CD by TENHI, “Maaäet”, the sewing and the order of the pages are not correct. We would like to offer our apologies to everyone who bought the CD. If you want to have your booklet replaced, please get in touch with us and let us know your name and address as well as the name of the shop where you obtained the CD: info@prophecyproductions.de . ”

28th January 2006

Maaäet reviews

viimeiseenThe press resonance for “Maaäet” looks great. There will be an excellent review in German Alternative Rock magazine VISIONS as well as even an album of the month and 10/10 points in the biggest German Gothic magazine ORKUS. Well known British magazine KERRANG wrote that “Maaäet” is “the sweet, sweet sound of Scandinavian sorrow. An ideal soundtrack for cold winter evenings.”

We will update our homepage soon, new promo photos etc.

Spread the word of the new album!

15th December 2005

MAAÄET release date


Finally the MAAÄET will be set aloof. The release date is set to 10.02.2006, read some more info thru comments page. Thanks for the patience and all the best for the year 2006 to all our fans. Cheers.

16th November 2005

Tenhi Maaäet re-scheduled

The release of Tenhi’s third longplay album ‘Maaäet’ has been re-scheduled to early 2006 by Prophecy. The actual release date will be announced later. Sorry to keep you waiting…

In the meanwhile we’ll put some new samples online.

19th October 2005

Tenhi samples offline

yötäTENHI’s label, based in Germany, were greatly alarmed by reports of copyright dinosaurs eating their young in those parts; consequently, the Tenhi samples etc. are not available on the site for the moment. We’re sorting out what we can put online and how, without anyone losing an arm and a leg, and hope to have something up soon.

7th October 2005

It’s coming down

Thanks for the support Ben Hauberg. Some stuff is already coming down your way…

19th September 2005

Another sample from TENHI III MAAÄET

pimiääHello all,

Another sample from TENHI III MAAÄET, ‘tuulenkaato’, is up on the tenhi music page. Go have a listen.

27th August 2005

TENHI MAAÄET release date 2005-11-28

The mastering of the new Tenhi album Maaäet has now been finished and the release date is set to 2005-11-28 by Prophecy productions. We will now continue working with the covers and booklet art.
The final track listing is:

varpuspäivä-sparrow day
kuulut kesiin-july’s wreath
viimeiseen-through bloom blades
vähäinen violetissa-lithe in lilac
maa syttyy-orphan joy
uuvu oravan luu-ease squirrel bone
rannalta haettu-from the shore

25th July 2005

Tenhi album update and interview


The master tape for our new album will be finished 22.8. The release date is set till November so it should arrive together with the first snow flakes.

Also new interview online:

14th June 2005

Updated tracklist and sample from upcoming TENHI III maaäet

puutaThe new TENHI full-length, entitled ‘TENHI III maaäet’, will be released this autumn by Prophecy productions. Check out a sample from a still unfinished song called ‘varpuspäivä’ from the unreleased music page for mid-summer eve’s magic. More samples coming up soon.

updated tentative track listing for TENHI III maaäet:

  1. kuoppa
  2. varpuspäivä
  3. salain
  4. vähäinen violetissa
  5. sarastuskävijä
  6. aatos
  7. kausien ranta
  8. uuvu oravan luu
  9. tuulenkaato
  10. viimeiseen
  11. maa syttyy
  12. rannalta haettu

10th May 2005

upcoming new TENHI album

puutaHi folks.

Today we are entering the UTUstudio for one week session for recording the album, still some vocals to do. After that we start mixing it and hope to get it released in early autumn.

Tenhi / Harmaa / UTUstudio

16th March 2005

Mother Depth — ‘Miscarriages’ Released

miscarriages cover artMother DepthMiscarriages is now available in the UTUstudio store, get yours right away!

14th March 2005

Mother Depth — Miscarriages


We just got the Mother Depth ´Miscarriages´ from the manufacturer. This remastered miniCD from 2000 is available for orders at the end of the week.

5th March 2005

Marras/October falls

to M.Lehto:

I downloaded the songs from your site and they sounded promising.
The promo of Marras would be great to have – could you send me your e-mail for further communication?

My e-mail is ilmari.issakainen@utustudio.com

1st March 2005

TENHI -demo kertomuksia


Because of the demand, we have now planned to release the old tenhi demo ´kertomuksia´ from 1997 this year. The concept is still open – it might be a special double cd -release with other old material plus our artwork from that period. The exact schedule is still open and we might do some kind of co-operation with Prophecy Productions with that release.

25th February 2005


I just listened Airut:Aamujen thru after a big while. Usually it takes some time after recording, mixing and etc to be able to listen
to the material – and Airut:Aamujen was no exception to this..

We have received comments from critics but not that much from our friends. It would be great to hear how you have
felt when listened to Airut:Aamujen.

Btw – “suruksi soi” song is close to the style the following harmaa album will be like. At least for now..

23rd February 2005

new unreleased music


‘Suruksi soi’, an old Harmaa theme from around 2000, is now available on the harmaa page.

The Mother Depth ‘Miscarriages’ CDs will be ready within about two weeks.

14th February 2005

Tenhiä tekstiviestillä suoraan kotiin

An offer from Firebox for our readers in Finland:

Tilaa levy tekstiviestillä suoraan kotiisi: Kirjoita tekstiviesti


ja lähetä se numeroon 16369. Vahvistat tilauksen vastaamalla vahvistusviestiin. Tuote tulee postitse suoraan tilauksessa antamaasi osoitteeseen. Tekstiviestin hinta veloitetaan seuraavan puhelinlaskun yhteydessä. Palvelu toimii kotimaassa Teliasoneran, Elisan, Saunalahden ja DNA:n liittymistä.

28th January 2005


Again back with music.

Currently we’re finishing Tenhi album and collecting ideas
for the new Harmaa album.

First ideas for the new Harmaa album are turning towards
the black soil of earth – we have thought of composing for a shamanistic

Soon we’ll put some tapes for you to listen. Some old ones and new ones as well…

29th December 2004

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all our fans and accomplices for supporting UTUstudio, and happy New Year! 2005 promises to be a busy year rich in releases:

  • A new full-length Tenhi album (on Prophecy productions) and
  • ‘Miscarriages’ miniCD re-release from Mother Depth (on UTUstudio) early in the year; with
  • a full-length album from Mother Depth and
  • a full-length album from Harmaa, both released through UTUstudio, following later in the year.

The UTUstudio crew is vacationing this week, so currently pending orders will ship next week.