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19th September 2017

The Pale Harbor

28th August 2017

Mixing and mixing and yet again mixing…

We have been doing a lot of mixing – obviously…
Sounds are getting really interesting.
Liking the vibe of the record.

21st July 2017

A Northern Summer

Ok – here is where we are literally now.
Landscapes filled with lovely summer pastures.
No fish caught yet…
Little sunshine, a whole lot of rain.
Waiting for the berries and mushrooms to grow.
The other night there was this really odd bird singing in the night.
Never heard that one before.
And I did clean up the outside grill.

What else?

We have been doing some mixing too.
Some rerecording of piano parts as well.
Nothing sounds as good as the old clang of Tyko’s grand piano.
There is just something special in those old instruments that
are close to falling apart.

A good bunch of songs are nearly there.
Next big effort will be there art around the music.

11th January 2017