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31st December 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Really looking forward to year 2017. Recordings for our forth coming album ‘Valkama’ are basically done. Next step is mixing and drafting out the cover artwork, for which we have an ambitious concept. Let’s see how it plays out.

Here is a first raw mix iphone-snippet from the song ‘Veden elein’, which we are quite pleased with. It only took couple of hours to hatch. Strange.

Current track listing:

Rinta maan
Sydämes on tiel
Elokuun linnut
Veden elein
Aina sininen aina

6th October 2016

Small Pockets of Success


The main bulk of work is done. We finally cracked the mystery of finding the route in.
Steering now towards our vision. The new thing is emerging. Little shadowy still but shapes and stories are coming to focus…

Vocals are going next under the magnifying glass.

The lyrics need some work as well.

After that shifting to art work..

Good Fall for all,

10th February 2016

Towards light and a few Resolutions


Hello Dear Fans,

Year has changed again – but it seems that we are still the same.
Tenhi Core team Tyko, Tuukka and I taking small trips to audio wonderland
trying to figure out the elusive art of making records.

Music goes the same old lane for us.
Slow evolution and then degeneration and then distraction etc.
Lots of experimentation has certainly occurred.
And lots of songs too. Some of them good – some of them need a little work.
We are committed to bring you the best – the VERY BEST. THE ….ok

One thing is for certain ( our new year’s resolution) no more festival live shows…
Next live show will be a concert of our own making. But we will finish the forth coming album before this.

Love for Music is still there.

Best, Ilmari