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20th February 2006

HARMAA signed to Prophecy productions

verhoHARMAA has signed to Prophecy Productions. Harmaa has released the second chapter of the Airut saga ‘AIRUT:AAMUJEN a year ago thru UTUstudio. Prophecy will now re-release it and distribute it worldwide apart from Finland (UTUstudio) and Russia and Baltic States (Irond).

The recordings for the next HARMAA album will start this spring.

15th February 2006



The errors of the booklet was due to the pressing company. The new ones are now under production and will be ready till the end of this month.

some REVIEWS of Maaäet


  • 4/5 KERRANG




  • 9/10 METAL SHOCK



  • 5/6 Scream


9th February 2006

Wohaa – time to party! Fucked up booklets


We would like to thank our fans for the patience for the new album. But unfortunately bad winds have been and are still blowing on our backs.
The first edition of maaäet was released with faulty booklet. It makes us really sad and furious that after all the hard work and delays the release was fucked up at the last minute.

In the correct booklet there should be one painting on each page and it should be read vertically like it shows in the previous picture in news section. Now it is totally screwed. The graphics have been splitted and scattered on different pages.

We encourage all the fans who have the faulty booklet to take contact to our label prophecy productions according their press-release. Our sincere apologies for the trouble.

press-release from prophecy:

“Because of an error during the manufacturing of the booklet for the new CD by TENHI, “Maaäet”, the sewing and the order of the pages are not correct. We would like to offer our apologies to everyone who bought the CD. If you want to have your booklet replaced, please get in touch with us and let us know your name and address as well as the name of the shop where you obtained the CD: . ”