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31st December 2006


Thanks for the great support for all of our fans. 2006 has been a good year – no doubt next year will be even better!

Rock on, Ilmari

3rd August 2006

re-release of Chapter II in TENHI’s “Airut-saga and more

aamujen out 20.10.2006“Airut:aamujen” is the sequel of TENHI’s “Airut:ciwi” which was released in 2001. The piano driven “Airut:aamujen” was originally released in small limited edition thru our Utustudio in December 2004 under the name Harmaa. After signing it also to Prophecy we wanted to re-release it with the title TENHI and so bring the saga together.
Tenhi’s airut:saga is based on my and Ilmari Issakainen’s visions. The saga continues and explores further paths found in certain TENHI songs. The song ‘Kielo’ was the source of inspiration for the first two chapters. The third one “Airut:Savoie” will grow upon themes found in ‘Tuulenkaato’ and ‘Maa syttyy’ (Maaäet). We have already composed the material for “Airut:savoie” and shall enter the studio at the end of this summer.

Release date for TENHI “Airut:aamujen” is 20.10.2006, the track listing is as follows:
Saapuminen – Emerging
Seitsensarvi – Grey Shine Of June
Lävitseni Kaikkeen – Thru Me And Into Everything
Luopumisen Laulu – Eloign
Kuvajainen – Apparition
Oikea Sointi – Lay Down A Tune
Kahluu – Fury Revived
Hiensynty – Burning
Läheltä – A Brief Passing Moment

10th year celebration double album
Currently we are working with TENHI’s 10th year celebration double album, which will include rare and unreleased stuff along the years and alternative versions of the album songs, it will also include the demo from 1997 “Kertomuksia” and “Airut:ciwi” mcd and also unreleased airut:saga songs from 2001-2004.

28th June 2006

Tenhi on myspace

I have finally made a Tenhi myspace site It is pretty empty but I hope to put some stuff there soon.

There is also a site for fans to get together, thanks Juuri for that.

5th June 2006

Maaäet competition winners!

Thanks for your great ideas for the print — we decided to award prizes to several entries as we think we will use all of these designs or combinations of them. The prizes will be sent out within about one week… The winning entries are from, starting at top left: Bart Claeys, Mikko Lehto, and Juha Varis on the right; Erwin Hagens, Marten Winter below.

2nd June 2006

Maaäet competition closed

Now that May is over and done with, it’s about time to declare the Maaäet design competition closed. Thanks for all the entries! Stay tuned for results after the weekend.

17th May 2006

more about Maaäet competition


We have already got some great designs so thanks a lot. Just want to add that the designs can also be from your own graphics, photos or what ever just that they fit the mood of the album. Or you can mix them with album art…basically one can try anything.

9th May 2006

MAAÄET competition

This is an idea contest for all TENHI fans to design graphics for a MAAÄET t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt.

The designs should relate and fit to the graphics of the album. Be free to use all material from our website and even from the album art.

The proposal can be either for one (front) or two (front and back) side of the shirt. Printed area on one side shouldn’t be larger than A4 size (210mm x 297mm, vertical or horizontal). One can choose the color(s) of the print as well as the shirts.

Send your proposal in JPG-format (approximately 2mb) format to until 31.5.2006 with your name and street address. We will then contact the winner.

The winner will be announced on 5.6.2006. We will also put the best works on display on the web page. The prize will be signed CD’s and all sort of rare items from TENHI vaults. We will hold the right to finalize the design before the manufacturing.

20th February 2006

HARMAA signed to Prophecy productions

verhoHARMAA has signed to Prophecy Productions. Harmaa has released the second chapter of the Airut saga ‘AIRUT:AAMUJEN a year ago thru UTUstudio. Prophecy will now re-release it and distribute it worldwide apart from Finland (UTUstudio) and Russia and Baltic States (Irond).

The recordings for the next HARMAA album will start this spring.

15th February 2006



The errors of the booklet was due to the pressing company. The new ones are now under production and will be ready till the end of this month.

some REVIEWS of Maaäet


  • 4/5 KERRANG




  • 9/10 METAL SHOCK



  • 5/6 Scream


9th February 2006

Wohaa – time to party! Fucked up booklets


We would like to thank our fans for the patience for the new album. But unfortunately bad winds have been and are still blowing on our backs.
The first edition of maaäet was released with faulty booklet. It makes us really sad and furious that after all the hard work and delays the release was fucked up at the last minute.

In the correct booklet there should be one painting on each page and it should be read vertically like it shows in the previous picture in news section. Now it is totally screwed. The graphics have been splitted and scattered on different pages.

We encourage all the fans who have the faulty booklet to take contact to our label prophecy productions according their press-release. Our sincere apologies for the trouble.

press-release from prophecy:

“Because of an error during the manufacturing of the booklet for the new CD by TENHI, “Maaäet”, the sewing and the order of the pages are not correct. We would like to offer our apologies to everyone who bought the CD. If you want to have your booklet replaced, please get in touch with us and let us know your name and address as well as the name of the shop where you obtained the CD: . ”

28th January 2006

Maaäet reviews

viimeiseenThe press resonance for “Maaäet” looks great. There will be an excellent review in German Alternative Rock magazine VISIONS as well as even an album of the month and 10/10 points in the biggest German Gothic magazine ORKUS. Well known British magazine KERRANG wrote that “Maaäet” is “the sweet, sweet sound of Scandinavian sorrow. An ideal soundtrack for cold winter evenings.”

We will update our homepage soon, new promo photos etc.

Spread the word of the new album!