16th September 2015

New merchandize!

folk aesthetic hoodie

folk aesthetic shirt

demo shirt


Tenhi merchandise with two classic designs will be available on Prophecy Fest! “Folk Aesthetic” (t-shirt, girlie, zipper) and “Kertomuksia” (t-shirt).

2nd July 2010

“Saivo” and back catalogue re-releases

Sorry for the sparse updates about ‘Saivo’. We hoped to get the album out this summer and didn’t want to disappoint you before all hope was gone. Despite the hopefully final delays, the album is well underway and the final parts are being recorded within couple of weeks, namely choirs and cello parts. We plan to finish our works on the album by the end of August eventually. ‘Saivo’ has taken its time and we didn’t want to rush it. Almost every of the songs has gone through a huge variety of alternative arrangements until we felt that we had achieved best result.

Another excellent news is that Prophecy Prophecy productions will rerelease all our previous full-length albums: ‘Kauan’, ‘Väre’, ‘Airut:aamujen’ and ‘Maaäet’ with special and significantly enhanced booklets and artwork. Stay tuned for more information about these re-issues!

23rd October 2009

Saivo teaser

Here is a little teaser we made for you.

17th June 2008

TENHI & DORNENREICH & SIEBEN live in Helsinki/Finland October 11th 2008

posterNight of Folk Aesthetic
We are really happy to announce thrilling news for all who have waited for our live performance here in Finland. We will play our first show in Helsinki at club Gloria 11.10.2008. Moreover we are extremely proud to bring DORNENREICH and SIEBEN first time to Finland to play with us at ‘Night of Folk Aesthetic’. We are also looking for fourth band as opening act so there is more to it still. TENHI and DORNENREICH will play special acoustic based shows so this is something surely not to be missed. More detailed news to follow.

New album SAIVO
We are finished upgrading our studio and we will continue the recording after celebrating the midsummer’s eve.

I am sorry to announce that the wall-flags were sold out after couple of days after the news was released. I will however make second edition of them as so many fans have been asking for them. These will not be sold on pre-sale so please don’t ask for them before I announce that they are ready after couple of months.

21st February 2008

News in three chapters



The new songs for the coming album ‘Saivo’ are evolving nicely. We however stand now in a rather unorthodox situation as we never have had so much new material waiting to be recorded.

Here are some working titles for the songs.

-rinta maan
-kuolleet lehdet
-vapaus saimaa
-pojan kiiski
-laulu kuolevalla
-maa ja veri
-paluu joelle
-polku rantaan
-pienet purot

Ilkka Salminen is no longer in Tenhi

Ilkka Salminen has now officially left the band. We decided to announce this as there has been some speculation around the matter.

This isn’t a dramatic change in the band at all but rather awaited decision. His contribution has decreased along the years and his personal interests lie elsewhere, while for us the band has become even more crucial part of our lives.
Despite this he will still be around as a friend for sure…

So thanks for the past years –rock on!

Here by Ilkka’s own words:

Dear fans,

I have now officially left Tenhi.

This is my own decision and I want you to know that it happens in the best spirit between all of us. It might not be a surprise for you, as my contribution in Tenhi has decreased ever since we released Maaäet. For the time being I haven’t got the possibility to devote myself to Tenhi anymore with the same intensity as Tyko and Ilmari.

I’m extremely proud and happy for everything we achieved in Tenhi and it all means an awful lot to me. I feel privileged that for the past decade I was given the possibility to create music with such talents as Tyko and Ilmari. I think Tenhi is doing very well in their care, and I encourage them to carry on the Tenhi saga for a long time.

On my behalf I’d like to thank all of you Tenhi fans for the fantastic support you’ve given throughout the years. I wish you all the best, keep Tenhi flame burning!

Ilkka Salminen

Wall-flags etc.
We have made limited edition of wall-flags from three ‘Folk Aesthetic’ graphics (10 copies from each, with signatures). We will put them on Utustudio online shop for sale as well as TENHI shirts/sweatshirts later this spring.

12th September 2007


zwischenwelten by Senad Palic

So the small tour is over. Thanks for everyone who showed up for the shows. We were extremely happy to see so much fans and people interested in our music. We also would like to thank Neun Welten for taking good care of us and being great band to tour with.

Only one conclusion can be made after these shows and the feedback we got… we certainly will do loads of more shows in the future. We hadn’t tried this acoustic line-up before but it really worked great.

We will upload some photos of the events soon. Fans are free to send us some photos so we can share the atmosphere of the shows to others as well. Here are some pre-taste of the Zwischenwelten festival shooted by Senad Palic.

Zwischenwelten festival photos by Senad Palic.

27th January 2007

UTUstudio production

Marja’s fifth studio album Polku (‘path’) will be released in 15. February 2007. This time the arrangements and production are made by Ilmari Issakainen and Tyko Saarikko, two members of the Finnish neofolk band Tenhi.

Marja Mattlar is as uncompromising in concert as she is in studio, preferring to perform solo with classical guitar in small rooms with no amplification. She has performed in this way in many small country villages throughout Finland and abroad, making full use of the intimate contact with the audiences. When the situation is right, Marja will also perform in larger spaces with amplification and a few backing musicians.

More news and song samples at:


15th January 2007

Go and vote for us!

Noise.fi Bubbling Underground Award
this competition thing is in finnish… http://www.noise.fi/vuosiaanestys/

also check:

Thanks a bunch for these videos.

3rd August 2006

re-release of Chapter II in TENHI’s “Airut-saga and more

aamujen out 20.10.2006“Airut:aamujen” is the sequel of TENHI’s “Airut:ciwi” which was released in 2001. The piano driven “Airut:aamujen” was originally released in small limited edition thru our Utustudio in December 2004 under the name Harmaa. After signing it also to Prophecy we wanted to re-release it with the title TENHI and so bring the saga together.
Tenhi’s airut:saga is based on my and Ilmari Issakainen’s visions. The saga continues and explores further paths found in certain TENHI songs. The song ‘Kielo’ was the source of inspiration for the first two chapters. The third one “Airut:Savoie” will grow upon themes found in ‘Tuulenkaato’ and ‘Maa syttyy’ (Maaäet). We have already composed the material for “Airut:savoie” and shall enter the studio at the end of this summer.

Release date for TENHI “Airut:aamujen” is 20.10.2006, the track listing is as follows:
Saapuminen – Emerging
Seitsensarvi – Grey Shine Of June
Lävitseni Kaikkeen – Thru Me And Into Everything
Luopumisen Laulu – Eloign
Kuvajainen – Apparition
Oikea Sointi – Lay Down A Tune
Kahluu – Fury Revived
Hiensynty – Burning
Läheltä – A Brief Passing Moment

10th year celebration double album
Currently we are working with TENHI’s 10th year celebration double album, which will include rare and unreleased stuff along the years and alternative versions of the album songs, it will also include the demo from 1997 “Kertomuksia” and “Airut:ciwi” mcd and also unreleased airut:saga songs from 2001-2004.

20th February 2006

HARMAA signed to Prophecy productions

verhoHARMAA has signed to Prophecy Productions. Harmaa has released the second chapter of the Airut saga ‘AIRUT:AAMUJEN a year ago thru UTUstudio. Prophecy will now re-release it and distribute it worldwide apart from Finland (UTUstudio) and Russia and Baltic States (Irond).

The recordings for the next HARMAA album will start this spring.

7th October 2005

It’s coming down

Thanks for the support Ben Hauberg. Some stuff is already coming down your way…

25th February 2005


I just listened Airut:Aamujen thru after a big while. Usually it takes some time after recording, mixing and etc to be able to listen
to the material – and Airut:Aamujen was no exception to this..

We have received comments from critics but not that much from our friends. It would be great to hear how you have
felt when listened to Airut:Aamujen.

Btw – “suruksi soi” song is close to the style the following harmaa album will be like. At least for now..

23rd February 2005

new unreleased music


‘Suruksi soi’, an old Harmaa theme from around 2000, is now available on the harmaa page.

The Mother Depth ‘Miscarriages’ CDs will be ready within about two weeks.

28th January 2005


Again back with music.

Currently we’re finishing Tenhi album and collecting ideas
for the new Harmaa album.

First ideas for the new Harmaa album are turning towards
the black soil of earth – we have thought of composing for a shamanistic

Soon we’ll put some tapes for you to listen. Some old ones and new ones as well…

29th December 2004

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all our fans and accomplices for supporting UTUstudio, and happy New Year! 2005 promises to be a busy year rich in releases:

  • A new full-length Tenhi album (on Prophecy productions) and
  • ‘Miscarriages’ miniCD re-release from Mother Depth (on UTUstudio) early in the year; with
  • a full-length album from Mother Depth and
  • a full-length album from Harmaa, both released through UTUstudio, following later in the year.

The UTUstudio crew is vacationing this week, so currently pending orders will ship next week.

14th December 2004

The Harmaa albums have arrived…

…and the first batch of orders were shipped out yesterday. We are very pleased with the appearance of the result, if not the slight schedule slippage at the manufacturing end. Thanks to everyone for supporting our first UTUstudio release; we hope you enjoy it as well,

— The UTUstudio crew

6th December 2004

The UTUstudio store is now open

Terve taas.

The UTUstudio store is now open. Order your copy of HARMAA – AIRUT:AAMUJEN today!

3rd December 2004

Upcoming releases


We have been busy setting up all the things related to our first release and the web-pages. The UTUstudio netstore finally opens for orders of Harmaa Airut:aamujen on December 6th.

The Mother Depth ‘Miscarriages’ miniCD re-release is planned for January. Both Mother Depth and Harmaa will be recording full-length albums starting spring 2005.

We’ll be coming up with some fancy UTUstudio apparel later.

23rd October 2004

The Airut saga continues with a new full length album!

airut:aamujen cover artThe Airut saga that began with Tenhi’s AIRUT:CIWI now stands on its own under the title HARMAA. The Harmaa band is based around the visions of Tyko Saarikko and Ilmari Issakainen.

The second part of Airut saga — AIRUT:AAMUJEN — will be released thru UTUstudio in December. All of its 9 tracks are piano driven compositions varying from romantic atmospheres to darker shades of nature.

Ordering thru UTUstudio net site

22nd October 2004

UTUstudio launched

In order to create high quality music with no artistic restrictions a new label/collective UTUstudio was formed by people involved in TENHI and MOTHER DEPTH.

UTUSTUDIO is mainly founded to release the AIRUT:SAGA from the band HARMAA. In future it also possible that thru UTUstudio various forms of art (such as poetry) will be released.

The first music release will a full length album AIRUT:AAMUJEN by HARMAA.