7th August 2008


11 Responses to “969_1”

  1. could you let me know the prices of the hoodies and if u can use credit card tnks.

  2. damn
    i wish i could purchase them at southamerica )=

  3. What is the price a nd how can I get it in Russia?

  4. can i buy it in Poland??

  5. hmmmmmmmmmm, it’s a joy to look at this. Like people before me I ask you: what can I offer you for this nice piece of art?
    And: is it possible to let it travel to Berlin?

  6. could you let me know if it’s possible to buy it online? also, will you send it to Turkey?

  7. Greetings from Greece. Is it possible to inform me about the terms and conditions (including price, method of payment etc) of purchasing of the hooded sweater? Thank you.

  8. Hello, I wanna know the price of this jacket, if possible. thank you.

  9. I really love this one. I would like to buy it one day and I live in quebec cananda.

    can I get it here?

    and how can I pay?


  10. Hi, I’d buy the sweatshirt, size M, but i live in Italy.
    How could I do?

  11. Hi.

    One can order these thru http://shop.prophecy.de/.

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