21st February 2008

News in three chapters



The new songs for the coming album ‘Saivo’ are evolving nicely. We however stand now in a rather unorthodox situation as we never have had so much new material waiting to be recorded.

Here are some working titles for the songs.

-rinta maan
-kuolleet lehdet
-vapaus saimaa
-pojan kiiski
-laulu kuolevalla
-maa ja veri
-paluu joelle
-polku rantaan
-pienet purot

Ilkka Salminen is no longer in Tenhi

Ilkka Salminen has now officially left the band. We decided to announce this as there has been some speculation around the matter.

This isn’t a dramatic change in the band at all but rather awaited decision. His contribution has decreased along the years and his personal interests lie elsewhere, while for us the band has become even more crucial part of our lives.
Despite this he will still be around as a friend for sure…

So thanks for the past years –rock on!

Here by Ilkka’s own words:

Dear fans,

I have now officially left Tenhi.

This is my own decision and I want you to know that it happens in the best spirit between all of us. It might not be a surprise for you, as my contribution in Tenhi has decreased ever since we released Maaäet. For the time being I haven’t got the possibility to devote myself to Tenhi anymore with the same intensity as Tyko and Ilmari.

I’m extremely proud and happy for everything we achieved in Tenhi and it all means an awful lot to me. I feel privileged that for the past decade I was given the possibility to create music with such talents as Tyko and Ilmari. I think Tenhi is doing very well in their care, and I encourage them to carry on the Tenhi saga for a long time.

On my behalf I’d like to thank all of you Tenhi fans for the fantastic support you’ve given throughout the years. I wish you all the best, keep Tenhi flame burning!

Ilkka Salminen

Wall-flags etc.
We have made limited edition of wall-flags from three ‘Folk Aesthetic’ graphics (10 copies from each, with signatures). We will put them on Utustudio online shop for sale as well as TENHI shirts/sweatshirts later this spring.

23 Responses to “News in three chapters”

  1. Looks like Tenhi are well on their way, though it’s sad to see Ilkka go.

  2. End of a chapter is being begin of one.
    Changes are unescapable.
    I am waiting for Saivo.

  3. Good to hear Tenhi are moving forward. Can’t wait for the new album and will buy some wall-flags if I can before they sell out!

  4. Everything good to Ilkka and I look forward to hear your music somewhere. Keep on goin’!

  5. What means “Saivo”?

  6. Oh… Ilkka’s voice have a ideal timbre for Tenhi, so.. It’s a very big loss for Tenhi… Very big… I’m so sorry about it and Tenhi must find something else with similar timbre (not Tuuka)!

    Saivo is a folk-indication of world and mean something like hell or just bad world…

  7. Thanx
    I also love Ilkka’s voice, but I wait to hear better Tuuka’s voice (I only heard it on Folk Aestethique cd)’cause on the sample of their tour the audio is not that clear

  8. In Sámi mythology, Saivo (sáiva in Northern Sámi) is the world where the dead live. It is an upside-down-world below our own and can be reached through a hole in the bottom of certain lakes. This hole lies under a submerged, dead tree, ‘hako’, and is called ‘lovi’. The Finnish term for a shaman’s jorney to the underworld is ‘loveen lankeaminen’, roughly translating to ‘falling in lovi’.

  9. Great! It’s the first time Tenhi use Sàmi mythology if I’m not wrong, wonder why……

  10. “Vähäinen Violetissa” is gone…

  11. If somebody will come to visit Lapland (Finland’s Lapland) he or she should go to see Saivo called “Pakasaivo”. In area of Muonio, 15 km to west from the little village Äkäslompolo. It is very beautiful place and there you can feel the atmosphere of shamanism or somethin like that. http://www.muonio.fi/web/index.php?id=342

    I’m sorry about this advertisement if some doesn’t like it.

    I hope I can link my experiences about Saivos with the mood of the comming album : )

  12. why do you say that?

    anyway, i’m completely waiting for saivo to be a great album
    tough i belive tenhi’s masterpiece is actually Maaäet, and it will be very hard to beat now that Illmari is gone

    As a tenhi fan i still support the band, cause their music really changed my life

  13. Thanks for the support Salain!

    Although it is Ilkka who left the band not me…

  14. I also keep on supporting Tenhi and will always do because Tenhi is like no-one and changed my life too. Maaaet is tough to surpass a really masterpiece but I know the band will surprise me even this time

  15. we’ll miss his voice.. bust things go on as they have to..

    about wall-flags….. are all of them sold out?…

    I really buy some of them….

  16. lol sorry Ilmari
    wrong typing…

  17. By the way, I noticed that back in 2006 you said that the new album would more or less resemble Tuulenkaato and Maa syttyy. Is this still the case or have plans changed during this time?

  18. I’m really looking forward to Saivo. Tenhi’s releases haven’t disappoint me thus far so I’m sure this one won’t either.

    All the best to Ilkka for his future endeavours!

  19. It’s been a long time since the last update. What’s up with the recording process? When will we be able to hear some fragments of your present work?

  20. Any news about the flags?

  21. he was O2 for tenhi flame burning…time will tell

  22. I would really like to get my hands on those flags… I hope I don’t miss them!

  23. i want bands like tenhi .please

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