29th December 2004

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all our fans and accomplices for supporting UTUstudio, and happy New Year! 2005 promises to be a busy year rich in releases:

  • A new full-length Tenhi album (on Prophecy productions) and
  • ‘Miscarriages’ miniCD re-release from Mother Depth (on UTUstudio) early in the year; with
  • a full-length album from Mother Depth and
  • a full-length album from Harmaa, both released through UTUstudio, following later in the year.

The UTUstudio crew is vacationing this week, so currently pending orders will ship next week.

10 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say how great this UTU operation is. I was very happy with the way my order went with you guys. Nicely packaged and received it in very little time. I will definitely continue to order from you. The Harmaa album is great.

  2. Thanks Ben!
    Hopefully we can keep the level of releases high…

  3. Any changes that UTU-releases will be out on vinyl too?

  4. Yeah good question. All we need now is vinyl and shirts hehehe

  5. at the moment we have not planned vinyl-releases..but maybe in the future.

    ben, you will have your shirts!! And utustudio fur coats with elk horns?ok?

  6. Sounds great Ilmari! Maybe even a coffee cup someday heh.

    Have you guys written anything for the upcoming Mother Depth album yet? I can’t wait to get the remastered version of Miscarriages…

  7. yep. we have pick the right tunes for the coming MD release
    – they pretty much are all written now.

    after mixing the tenhi album we will focus more on those
    compositions. For now it seems that the album will not be
    so overdriven doom-goth as MD material has been. certainly
    it will be a lot heavier than tenhi or harmaa..

  8. Will UTU have copies of the new Tenhi for sale when it’s released?

    Should be interesting to hear you guys expand outside doom a bit. Maybe we can expect some blast beats?… ;)

  9. Terve.
    For now it seems that we only sell our own releases published by Utustudio. Tenhi is still signed to prophecy but we will have to see if we take bunch of new Tenhi cds also on our selling list. We will soon put some samples from the album online as well as unreleased Harmaa material.

  10. Hey Tyko,

    Sounds good. It was hard to find Vare here in the States when it was first released. So it would be nice to just order it from UTU if it’s possible. Maybe now that Tenhi has gained more of a following it wont be as hard to find this time around.

    Can’t wait to hear some samples!

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