3rd August 2006

re-release of Chapter II in TENHI’s “Airut-saga and more

aamujen out 20.10.2006“Airut:aamujen” is the sequel of TENHI’s “Airut:ciwi” which was released in 2001. The piano driven “Airut:aamujen” was originally released in small limited edition thru our Utustudio in December 2004 under the name Harmaa. After signing it also to Prophecy we wanted to re-release it with the title TENHI and so bring the saga together.
Tenhi’s airut:saga is based on my and Ilmari Issakainen’s visions. The saga continues and explores further paths found in certain TENHI songs. The song ‘Kielo’ was the source of inspiration for the first two chapters. The third one “Airut:Savoie” will grow upon themes found in ‘Tuulenkaato’ and ‘Maa syttyy’ (Maaäet). We have already composed the material for “Airut:savoie” and shall enter the studio at the end of this summer.

Release date for TENHI “Airut:aamujen” is 20.10.2006, the track listing is as follows:
Saapuminen – Emerging
Seitsensarvi – Grey Shine Of June
Lävitseni Kaikkeen – Thru Me And Into Everything
Luopumisen Laulu – Eloign
Kuvajainen – Apparition
Oikea Sointi – Lay Down A Tune
Kahluu – Fury Revived
Hiensynty – Burning
Läheltä – A Brief Passing Moment

10th year celebration double album
Currently we are working with TENHI’s 10th year celebration double album, which will include rare and unreleased stuff along the years and alternative versions of the album songs, it will also include the demo from 1997 “Kertomuksia” and “Airut:ciwi” mcd and also unreleased airut:saga songs from 2001-2004.

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  1. good to hear, it was/is a very unique album. as all of your work is, but still somewhat different altogether.

  2. How about the “Hallavedet” mcd, could that be included on the 10th anniversary collection too? Thanks for not including exclusive tracks on the “Airut:aamujen” re-release. I would hate to buy nearly the same thing twice and I definitely would, if there were any exclusive tracks :D

  3. Great news, especially about the 10th anniversary 2CD set. The only thing I’m wondering is if you will include the 2 tracks from the 1997 Promo tape? I’ve always wanted to hear them.

  4. Great idea. I’m definitely going to buy those releases – the imagination of a collection of old and rare tenhi-songs has been haunting me for a while, now I see you guys thought the same. I still consider your music as one of the most timeless works in history and I hope the “Tenhi”-project will prosper and yet give birth to unique progressive folk music in many years.
    Regards from the woods in the Eifel, West-Germany.

  5. hey guys, can you please post any plans or non-plans of a couple of gigs? even if it isn’t a tour. i’d rather hear that it will never happen instead of continuing to hope. Can’t wait to get my hands on some merch.

  6. Laittakaa Kauan levyn uusintapainoksen bonus biisit juhla levylle!

  7. Yeah, it would be great to get some informations about your world tour? When does it starts? PLEASE!!!!
    I say already in advance Kiitos…

  8. Is there any release date for the 10th anniversary 2CD ?

  9. addae: a world tour? Unfortunately such plans have not echoed to our ears yet…sorry.

  10. Kauan levyn bonukset on tarkoitus pistää juhlalevylle. Aikataulusta on vaikea vielä mitään tarkempaa sanoa – toivottavasti juhlalevystä ei tule samantien 20v. juhlalevy…

  11. any info about gigs? are the shirts ready for order yet?

  12. @ilamri: NO??? Damn… ;O) Ok, let´s start at least with Germany, the rest will follow…When?

  13. 10-vuotisjuhlalevyä odotellaan jo, toivottavasti saatte sen pihalle kohtuullisella aikataululla. Ei kannatakaan hätiköidä.

  14. The first snowfall is here and it’s the perfect day to relax and listen to Tenhi :)

  15. Any news on the double cd set? Waiting in anticipation!

  16. How about “Hiljaiseksi lampi jää” from Hallavedet? I see someone alredy asked this, but wasn’t answered.

  17. When comes the 10th year celebration double album ???

  18. “TENHI” is very much greater than HARMAA….
    “Saapuminen”,”Oikea Sointi”&”Läheltä” are very good

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