5th June 2006

Maaäet competition winners!

Thanks for your great ideas for the print — we decided to award prizes to several entries as we think we will use all of these designs or combinations of them. The prizes will be sent out within about one week… The winning entries are from, starting at top left: Bart Claeys, Mikko Lehto, and Juha Varis on the right; Erwin Hagens, Marten Winter below.

34 Responses to “Maaäet competition winners!”

  1. i like the first one

  2. Wow, these are all great! Congrats to all of you winners. I hope to get ahold of all four shirts!

  3. Yeah they’re all pretty nice. So what did they win?

  4. Looks very nice, but I hope the tshirt will be like tenhi itself: minimalism.

  5. They’re all beautiful …
    … but my fav is the last, with the red leaves on it … love it

  6. Thanx for chosing my design, The other design are great !!! It was really a great experiance to make something like that. Great idea. Thanx to TENHI…

    PS: Mail me if you need more designs, hahaha
    Bart Claeys

  7. I really liked the other designs.

    No matter what we’ll get, maybe it arrives next Wednesday as my birthday-gift.

  8. The last shirt design is awesome. Logos by Bart and Mikko look especially great too.

  9. I’m really looking forward to ordering that shirt with roses and stuff. Looks very beautiful.

  10. hello friends!

    we are currently piling some old and odd Tenhi material
    for the winners – patience…

  11. great…i´d like to take the big 20″crash you used at the WGT in Germany :O)

    …hope it´s not so hot at your place like it´s here…

  12. when are these shirts gonna be out?!?!

  13. the last one is great! tenhi to the core. at least from my perception of it. and the first logo just as well.

  14. Really great work! congratulations!

    We want to buy 2 t – shirts

    you could make more graphic competition for the fans in the future please! hehehe. =)


  15. Thanks a lot to Tenhi, received my package yesterday.

    Also got a latest issue of Convivial Hermit today, so please, hurry up with Airut:Savoie.

  16. I received my package also today. It was all I ever wished for, and more ;)

    Thanks Tenhi, I hope the shirt is available soon.

  17. Kiitoksia.

  18. …got my package…Kiitos! Nice, individual cutted card!

    …a nice week and still hope to see you 2006 live around here!

  19. i’ve ot my pakkage yesterday, I’ve always wanted the Väre limited-LP, great artwork!!! Harmaa somehimes gets close to tenhi… piano is such a beautiful instrument

    Claeys Bart

  20. Where can i get hold of these shirts?

  21. When will these be made avaiable??

  22. hello, i’d love to receive such a beautiful t-shirt, but the problem is i live in poland. would it be possible for me to order it? if yes, how much would i have to pay for sending?

  23. wow, the two logos and the bottom red-leaves t-shirt are amazing. i can’t wait to get my hands on it. hope they become available very soon.

  24. Wow, I love the new designs! When will the new shirts become available in Germany (or anywhere)???
    At the moment, I literally *live* in my ‘Fog’-hoodie, but we need more stuff!

  25. Did you have any idea how to print sth. like the bottom red-leaves t-shirt, not only at the back and front but at the side as well?

  26. I WANT A SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Very nice t-shirts! The design is just reflects the musical theme :) I’d love to get one of these shirts!

  28. i’ve obsessed with these shirts. i want to order a couple as soon as heavenly possible.

  29. Nice, especially the last one. Where can i buy them? ;D

  30. everything is NICE!! I worship tenhi..

  31. I live in Switzerland, so I asked myself if there’s any possibility for me to get one of these shirts anywhere. I really like the theme of the last one

  32. Anam Cara I see the shirt is added to the Grau catalog (http://www.grau.cd/). That’s a German company, so pretty close to Switzerland.

  33. Ervin

  34. Hi..Where can i buy these Tshirts in Helsinki? Do you have female size?
    I want to order a couple as soon as possible

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