9th May 2006

MAAÄET competition

This is an idea contest for all TENHI fans to design graphics for a MAAÄET t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt.

The designs should relate and fit to the graphics of the album. Be free to use all material from our website and even from the album art.

The proposal can be either for one (front) or two (front and back) side of the shirt. Printed area on one side shouldn’t be larger than A4 size (210mm x 297mm, vertical or horizontal). One can choose the color(s) of the print as well as the shirts.

Send your proposal in JPG-format (approximately 2mb) format to competition@utustudio.com until 31.5.2006 with your name and street address. We will then contact the winner.

The winner will be announced on 5.6.2006. We will also put the best works on display on the web page. The prize will be signed CD’s and all sort of rare items from TENHI vaults. We will hold the right to finalize the design before the manufacturing.

6 Responses to “MAAÄET competition”

  1. Whatta great idea, already sent mine. Hopefully it went through though, as my email-provider was a bit slow and unsteady with an attachement that large.

  2. I am a terrible artist, but I can never have to many Tenhi shirts hehehe.

  3. ok, ok, ok,
    Silencio said:

    lets work
    TShirts 4 Tenhi…

  4. I have sent mine, it was hard to get it resized but I think I did it!

  5. Heh. Finally mine is send too. Though, winning is a far away dream for me. That doesn’t matter, for I’m going to get the shirt anyway. Best in this competition is, that one can listen to maaäet while making the picture :)
    such a great album deserves a great shirt.

  6. Yes, I finally managed it to send some ideas…I´m really interested in the ideas of the other people…

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