9th February 2006

Wohaa – time to party! Fucked up booklets


We would like to thank our fans for the patience for the new album. But unfortunately bad winds have been and are still blowing on our backs.
The first edition of maaäet was released with faulty booklet. It makes us really sad and furious that after all the hard work and delays the release was fucked up at the last minute.

In the correct booklet there should be one painting on each page and it should be read vertically like it shows in the previous picture in news section. Now it is totally screwed. The graphics have been splitted and scattered on different pages.

We encourage all the fans who have the faulty booklet to take contact to our label prophecy productions according their press-release. Our sincere apologies for the trouble.

press-release from prophecy:

“Because of an error during the manufacturing of the booklet for the new CD by TENHI, “Maaäet”, the sewing and the order of the pages are not correct. We would like to offer our apologies to everyone who bought the CD. If you want to have your booklet replaced, please get in touch with us and let us know your name and address as well as the name of the shop where you obtained the CD: info@prophecyproductions.de . ”

26 Responses to “Wohaa – time to party! Fucked up booklets”

  1. Its just a small mistake!
    Will be forgotten when everyone gets to HEAR Maaäet!

  2. Kayla,

    I was right. Check out http://www.theendrecords.com and they just stocked the new Tenhi album. I don’t know if I will take the time to send the booklet back. I think the music will be enough.

  3. The booklets are really fucked up, you will notice it when you get it. The booklet’s shape is wrong and all the graphics are splitted.

    Just email them you name and address and tell where you bought the cd and they will send you a new one for FREE.

    All who bought the cd and got the messed up booklet should do this. If not otherwice then just to show little understanding for the band and their ambitions, because this means a world to us.

  4. Oh ok, I misunderstood. I thought I would have to send the messed up booklet back to them. I will go ahead and email them when I get the cd.

  5. mielenkiinnosta.. onko tuo pesutekniikalla tehty tuo kun digipackin levittää auki? vai kuinka?

  6. If ever I got Maaäet soon enough to get the messed up booklet, I would even BUY a proper booklet just for your trouble Tyko.

  7. Thank you for a great record! I’m really looking forward to seeing Tenhi perform live as soon as possible.

  8. Ilmankos olikin niin hämmentävä kirjanen. Tottahan se pitää kunnollinen hommata.

  9. Will there be a vinyl-release also or should I pick the digipack, altough I prefer a vinyl myself?


  10. CD came in the mail today and I am going to put on the headphones right now and listen! I am so excited. I went ahead and emailed prophecy about the booklet so hopefully they can straighten it out. I love the art inside of it though! Now I am off to listen…

  11. terve M.Lehto,

    Sinuna hankkisin cd-digipackin – tuskin tämän booklet jupakan jälkeen jaksetaan väsätä vinyyliä (ainakaan ihan heti…)

  12. I’ll be keeping my booklet. It’s gonna be hot collectors item after a while.

  13. Yeah Mack – do what thou wilt!
    I think that it would be a REALLY hot thing to have the right booklet on my hands now…

  14. Ilmari, what made you guys look at the camera this time? The new pictures on the site are cool!

    Had a chance to listen to the album yesterday and it was awesome! I can’t wait to get out of school today and give it another good listen.

  15. Kiitokset infosta Ilmari, huomenna tilipäivän kunniaksi kaupoille digiä noutamaan.

  16. I know Ben – it was a mistake. But honestly it is not us
    in those pictures. We just picked up few ugly looking idiots
    from the woods and took some fotos…I think we will keep on nature motifs hence forth.

  17. You steal random men from the woods? Though I hardly think they are ugly, quite the opposite..Maybe the rest of us who want men can just steal them from the woods of Suomi.

    I have 50 dollars set aside for the Maaäet fund now!

  18. Any idea when the corrected version will be available? Should I still be patient and wait for it or just go ahead and buy the album with fucked up booklet and get the real one later?

  19. Go and get it and then replace it thru prophecy for free…

  20. Can’t wait to get the (ordered) copy of Maaaët in my hands.

    By the way, the pictures are nice. and It would be fantastic to see pictures in the live part :) ( hint)

  21. Got the album yesterday and the guy in the store checked the booklet and said it was ok, as he was informed that there are faulty booklets. Got home and looked the booklet and at least all the lyrics are in the wrong order, so I guess this is faulty after all and already sent an email to Prophecy.

  22. in deed it is faulty… no right ones are yet printed.
    hopefully they will print it soon.

  23. I just ordered my copy.

    Can’t wait to hear this baby. Music aside, I must say that the packaging is absolutely breathtaking…

  24. Perkele! Eipä ole preussin profeetoilta tullut postia, eikä edes mailiin vastausta. Pitääkö lähteä kuristelemaan? Does anyone know, when are those corrected booklets going to be printed?

  25. Kärsivällisyyttä… Mietipäs kuinka monta mailia ne on saaneet siellä päässä. Kunhan mailiin pistää ne tarvittavat ohjeissa pyydetyt tiedot, uusi booklet löytää varmasti tiensä perille – ennemmin tai myöhemmin. No idea whether the corrected booklets have been printed yet, though.

  26. Tänään tuli postissa uusi booklet ja hyvältä näyttää. Nyt kun näen sen, ymmärrän hyvin harmistuneisuutenne siitä että sen kanssa kävi pieni kömmähdys.

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