16th September 2015

Art exhibition at Prophecy Fest





Just few days till the fest and things are shaping up!

The exhibition art pieces are looking amazing. Presented will be Saivo images, some Folk Aesthetic images and festival poster design. The images are printed on vintage wooden panels and the sizes differ from 1189mm x 598mm to 420mm x 841mm. These exclusive and signed images are for sale – a chance to get truly unique Tenhi-art pieces!

Available for purchase are also couple of smaller A5-size images printed on wooden cards and wall canvases with Folk Aesthetic graphic.

Get your own copies and be sure to bring them to the signing session!

See you soon!

5 Responses to “Art exhibition at Prophecy Fest”

  1. It was a super concert despite some sound problems.

    You are the Best !!!

    Thank You

  2. Very good choice of songs, despite the technical problems you made a lot of this evening!

    A real pity that you won’t play that much live gigs, although I hope you saw that a lot of people love your music … and the persons behind it on stage performing it for them. :)

    I regret that I have only bought the little wooden picture of “Folk Aesthetic” and not the one with the “Prophecy Fest” too. Maybe there will be an option to get more of them?

    Thanks and until the next time

  3. It was absolutely smashing. Never mind the sound problems, your performance was just stronger than all this :))

    Thanks a lot for answering all of my many questions, including the ones about such an old side project as Mother Depth. Really do hope you’ll be able to find something

    And I also hope you’ll be able to play live again some day. You have seen how many people love you and your music

    Me kaikki rakastamme teitä :)

  4. It was a great performance and I am so happy to experience Tenhi live. The ending of the set was absolutely perfect!

    I unfortunately took a wrong train on my way to Balve and that killed a good 3 extra hours so I missed the signing session completely. I was hoping to meet you guys but it just wasn’t meant to be.

    I would have bought a painting if I didn’t have to figure out how to take it home on an airplane. Did all of the paintings sell Tyko or are there any left over? Let me know if there is anything you would be willing to ship to the US.

    Cheers and thank you all for such a great night!


  5. Any chance to get one of this art ?

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