28th January 2006

Maaäet reviews

viimeiseenThe press resonance for “Maaäet” looks great. There will be an excellent review in German Alternative Rock magazine VISIONS as well as even an album of the month and 10/10 points in the biggest German Gothic magazine ORKUS. Well known British magazine KERRANG wrote that “Maaäet” is “the sweet, sweet sound of Scandinavian sorrow. An ideal soundtrack for cold winter evenings.”

We will update our homepage soon, new promo photos etc.

Spread the word of the new album!

10 Responses to “Maaäet reviews”

  1. hey guys,
    I’m very excited to get my hands on the new cd.

    I think you will have heard this question a dozen times, but are there any gigs planned in the future? Because I am from Belgium and I work together with a small folk (=harvest) festival I hope that you guys might once get there, ( or in Belgium). bastijnguns@hotmail.com for a possible breakthrough in belgium :p , (sounds silly, I know) , but I just admire you guys.

    keep up the good work.

  2. Good reviews are nothing new to Tenhi ;) I know someone from Unrestrained! in Canada has a copy of the promo and he said he likes it. I am extremely excited to hear it.

  3. you guys are creating some of the most interesting darker stuff out there and doing it in a non-cliche manner… the romantic darker atmosphere is simply the most rewarding listening experience.

    since your success rates have been so high always, i have no doubt that this album will simply blow me away. you’re albums are some of the biggest gems in my collection…. thank you!!

    Any plans for HARMAA in 2006? http://darkdose.com/?p=109

  4. Ahh, Tyko sounds content!
    I’ve been spreading the word of Tenhi like its the word of Odin everywhere…Maaäet too, I sent the link to your page to a hundred people!

  5. I must say, that I’m not surprised about the praising reviews.

    This is THE most difficult Tenhi-recording so far. It was very hard to get into, but when you get through the surface, it never cease to amaze me. Very earthly atmosphere, the overall concept is a bit more stripped than before and when thinking of older releases, the focus is in Kauan-album, altough this is not Kauan part two either.

    Vocals seems to have a bigger part than before, flute is just somewhere there, not as a lead instrument this time. There are at least some new instruments like accordion, maybe just some backgrounds, but anyway. Drums have taken a bit smaller role, but they’re there, when there’s a need for them.

    Overall, after few weeks of listening (ripped the cd to my mp3-player and played it when walking on the nature), I must say, that this is THE best Tenhi-album so far. I thought they would never top Kauan, but they did, altough at first this was nowhere near it, it just tooked time and that’s good.

  6. Mr. Lehto, if you are the same M.Lehto of October Falls, I saw a very good review of your music.
    I wonder how long before Maaäet gets to America or maybe if it will even come to Canada! That would be a nice surprise!

  7. Kayla,

    Keep checking The End Records website. They had Vare first in the US and I figure they will have this album first.

  8. Duly noted Ben.

  9. Hello Tyko and Tenhi!
    THe review sounds really interesting!
    i hope listen the new CD very very soon!
    Greetings from the southern lands of Chile!


  10. The new album ist just brilliant! I´m looking forward to see you on a live tour in Germany!



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