15th December 2005

MAAÄET release date


Finally the MAAÄET will be set aloof. The release date is set to 10.02.2006, read some more info thru comments page. Thanks for the patience and all the best for the year 2006 to all our fans. Cheers.

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  1. Info from Prophecy Productions

    There have been comfortingly few changes in Tenhi since their last album “Väre”; this Finnish band is still performing its unique brand of nature music, music that is above all atmospheric and touching. But there’s a lot more to it: for years now, the musicians have been stressing the meaning of the aesthetics beyond their compositions,as Tenhi is meant to be a reflection of their sensitive perception ofnature, not only in sound, but also in lyrics and pictures. Maybe a pictorial comparison can help to understand Tenhi’s development. “Our new songs are run through by our perception of the Earth,” multi-instrumentalist Tyko Saarikko tells us. “Our gaze isn’t directed towards the horizon anymore, but towards the soil beneath our feet and the nature in our immediate surroundings.” Musically, vocals, piano, and violin are clearly mixed to the fore, giving “Maaäet” a more immediate expression. This picturesque character is mirrored in symbolic images that have been specifically created for the twelve new tracks, adding a fairy-tale quality to the whole work of art. “This album is much more personal, much darker than its predecessors,” says the versatile musician Ilmari Issakainen who associates “Maaäet” with “the smell of a forest ground covered in autumn leaves”. The band allows single melodies enough space to unfold a deep capacity for fascination, dismissing all superficial questions of styles or genres. The Finnish lyrics are also very profound, weaving around motifs such as retreat, vulnerability, esoteric moods, and nature mysticism. Whatever name you’d like to put on Tenhi’s manifold creative undertakings — the band members themselves describe it as Folk-influenced progressive music –, with “Maaäet”, they succeeded in crafting a warm-hearted deepening of their music.

  2. New samples from MAAÄET are now available, too.

  3. Sounded great as I expected, too bad it’s still 2 months before the release.

    If anyone with IE is having problems listening them, only way I managed to listen them, was to right-click and save the link and then open the file (opened in notepad) and past the address from there. Maybe it’s just a problem with my machine.

  4. Awesome news guys. Not that long of a wait now!

  5. Smell of forest ground covered in autumn leaves? Thats what I thought about Vare. I wrote a poem to Sutoi with that idea in mind.

    Im sure Maaaet will be good, I have listened to the samples and picked Rennalta as my favourite so far!

  6. …Great! It sounds very deep and emotional…Can´t wait…We need your voices :O) …

  7. Addae, Tyko and Ilkka have the most beautiful voices!
    Rennalta’s prettiness caught me off guard.

  8. Really Great News!
    Greetings from Chile – South America


  9. ohhhh myyyyyy…. February is as far away as the Ursa Major…

  10. Februari? It’s a very good news. I’m so happy…

  11. I read from the other board, that the promos are out. Will there be a full song to download before the release?

    I can’t wait to hear this and the demo-release also.

  12. I can’t wait, Vare is a true masterpiece of art and music

    greetings from Belgium!!

    I hope yuou guys can tour small festivals here.

  13. yessssss! Cant wait any longer!!! How about some preview of the coverarts etc? :)

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