16th November 2005

Tenhi Maaäet re-scheduled

The release of Tenhi’s third longplay album ‘Maaäet’ has been re-scheduled to early 2006 by Prophecy. The actual release date will be announced later. Sorry to keep you waiting…

In the meanwhile we’ll put some new samples online.

12 Responses to “Tenhi Maaäet re-scheduled”

  1. Hi guys,

    is there any particular reas on for it?? Anyway, i can´t wait for it… greetinx and good luck for all…

    PS: Where are the samples ;O) ?

  2. terve.

    After the mastering problems, there wasn’t enough time for promoting the album before the release date according to our label. But now the promos are on their way and i can’t imagine any reaseon why the album would be once more delayed.

  3. Here’s few questions:

    – Any change of vinyl-release this time?
    – When the demo etc will be released?
    – Any news about hew Harmaa-material?

    That’s about it, heh.

  4. Hi guys

    when is tenhi touring again ? can’t wait to see them in Belgium.

  5. Terve.

    We will try to get vynyl version out there also this time. I will know more very soon.
    The demo has already been mastered and we are thinking of suitable way to release it.
    The recordings of new harmaa cd has not been started yet as we are negotiating of rather special project at the moment.

    We will decide the possible promo shows after the MAAÄET release date is confirmed by our label.

  6. That sounds great!

    Väre-vinyl was really great with partly handpainted covers etc, too bad Kauan isn’t available on vinyl format, but as vinyl doesn’t sell that good, that’s quite understandable.

    So demo is already mastered?! I hope you just release it through UTU and lisence it to Propecy or Firebox for a good distribution.

    Maybe some quests on the next Harmaa record, like mr.Tolonen?

    Thanks a lot about the information.

  7. i guess there’s no talking yet of playing in Russia? will we ever have a chance to hear it live?

  8. Terve Tyko

    Could you promise me interview after new album will be released?

    Regards, Ithilien

  9. Hey guys, i just found out about Harmaa and it sounds really nice! Hopefully this can hold me over until your next Tenhi album :) Good luck on the release!


  10. Terve.

    I just heard that LP version of maaäet is possible to do from prophecy, so we will think about that too. All interviews are welcome and we will also put links to our previous interviews online soon.


  11. Greetings from your fresh Finnish (sub)labelmates. ;) Good to hear about the LP, gotta get me one of those as well. I’m hoping that the album will be released before March/April, though. That’s what your Finnish distributor Firebox gives as the release date…

    I’m more than willing to do an interview with you guys for Imperiumi, but I’m sure there are others as well. So we’ll see about that. Anyway, merry christmas, or as someone wise used to say: “joululahjaksi tapio-viinaa, uudenvuodenlupaukseksi tapio-viinaa!”

  12. Yeah, have a good holiday everyone. I can’t wait to hear the new Tenhi next year. Hopefully on vinyl too!

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