19th October 2005

Tenhi samples offline

yötäTENHI’s label, based in Germany, were greatly alarmed by reports of copyright dinosaurs eating their young in those parts; consequently, the Tenhi samples etc. are not available on the site for the moment. We’re sorting out what we can put online and how, without anyone losing an arm and a leg, and hope to have something up soon.

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  1. sorry for that…its typically German…a solution would be to offer stream samples, like we´ll do with valg…

  2. This kind of actions are the reason why I hoped, that you would have released all new (and the oldies) Tenhi-material through Utustudio and only lisence them to the labels.

    Hopefully some new material will be available soon, as I read from somewhere, that it will be more like Kauan than Väre. Väre is a great album, but Kauan had really unique atmosphere.

    Teidän todellakin pitäisi julkaista myös vinyylejä, vaikka noita “ylijäämä-kappaleita” 7″ vinyylillä.

  3. label idiot…

  4. Only two more weeks until it is released!!!

  5. Unfortunately it’s more than two weeks, as Prophecy re-scheduled the release to early 2006.
    We are sorry to keep you waiting!

  6. Ah that’s to bad. I know you guys have no control over it, so I will patiently wait a while longer. I am sure it will be one of the best of 2006!

  7. Hi guys,

    is there any particular reas on for it?? Anyway, i can´t wait for it… greetinx and good luck for all…

  8. I asked a guy from Prophecy about the reason for the re-schedule and why there are no more sound files here.
    He answered that the re-schedule was because the band did not keep the given deadlines from the label and delivered the stuff so late that there was not enough time to promote the album in a good way.
    Regarding the sound files, it is not Prophecy’s concern.
    I was told that the band is member of teosto, a copyright collection society. If you are member there, you have to pay if you publish the music in the internet.
    As this internet site is partly hosted at the Prophecy server, it would costs hundreds of Euros to teosto´.

  9. …and was your prophecy contact expecting you to publicly paraphrase him? ;) Obviously it’s not quite that simple, and there’s been some latency enjoyed at both ends, but the important thing is that everyone’s satisfied with the end product and have reasonable schedules to do their part in the release; these issues aren’t anything to get too anxious about.

    As for samples, next week or so.

  10. I guess he was expecting me to do so as I am supporting the label with promotion (Street Team). And I think it is a shame that people here including the band put the information in a way that it seems that Prophecy are the responsible party for either re-schedule and/or the thing with the sound files, while all this issues are more or less or only band issues.

  11. Well, for instance, there was some back and forth on mastering efforts at both ends that took time, so “delivered … late” isn’t the whole story on the re-scheduling, either; and that’s just one second hand factoid. In summary: pot, kettle, point taken.

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